Zudaifu antibacterial cream does not treat skin problems

The UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency warns the public against using Zudaifu antibacterial cream due to its harmful effects on the skin

To claim: The product named “Zudaifu Antibacterial Cream” treats skin problems.

Rating: FALSE

Why did we check this: The post containing the claim has over 31,718 views on Facebook at the time of writing.

The bottom line: Zudaifu Antibacterial Cream contains strong steroids that can cause long-term thinning of the skin.

  • Not FDA Approved: Zudaifu Antibacterial Cream is also not on the Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) list of approved food and drug products. It is also not on the list of FDA-registered topical antiseptics and antibacterials.

What health experts say: UK Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency warned the public in 2018 against the use of Zudaifu antibacterial cream and advised those who use it to stop doing so immediately as it contains clobetasol propionate, a potent steroid that can cause long-term thinning skin and suppress the skin’s response to infection.

  • Likewise, the UK’s National Institutes of Health-National Library of Medicine declared in March 2022 that Zudaifu antibacterial cream is neither safe nor effective.

Willie Ong misrepresented: Zudaifu’s video featured a clip of doctor and YouTube vlogger Willie Ong making it look like he was endorsing the product. However, Ong’s clip was taken from a YouTube video where he talked about eczema but did not mention Zudaifu antibacterial cream.

– Lorenz Pasion/Rappler.com

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