What is a skin booster used for? Here are its advantages

Healthy, glowing skin not only makes you feel great, but also builds confidence and stands out from the crowd. A fresh and youthful look is definitely a desire that everyone desires in today’s chaotic lifestyle. Advances in medical science continue to come up with one product or the other that claims radiant skin, but very few stand the test of time.

Injectable rejuvenation therapy is a recent medical development that has made progress in the field of aesthetics. Skin boosters are a component of this injectable rejuvenation therapy that provides a non-permanent anti-aging solution by making facial skin look hydrated and supple without leaving marks after the procedure.

What exactly is a skin booster treatment?

Skin boosters are basically soft gel-like derivatives of a natural substance known as hyaluronic acid (HA). They are similar to dermal fillers, but unlike them, skin boosters are not used to increase structure or increase volume, but rather to give the skin a natural glow.

Glowing skin can be achieved with this treatment. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Hyaluronic acid helps retain moisture in the skin and helps maintain skin quality. Due to the effects of lifestyle, aging or pathological reasons, it can lead to a dry and loose texture of the skin. Alone or combined with adjuvant procedures, skin boosters help impart flattering luminosity to the face and even out skin tone, leaving it looking fresh and natural.

What are the benefits of the skin booster?

1. Reduce the signs of aging

Skin boosters offer a versatile solution to many problems. Not only do they help tighten and firm the skin, but they also reduce the appearance of visible fine lines and wrinkles, which appear due to papery dry skin. They are often preferred in areas like the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

2. Increase collagen production

Skin boosters are delivered as micro-injections of concentrated hyaluronic acid, which travels along the tissues and helps lock in moisture, improving elasticity and firmness by penetrating deeper into the skin, l moisturizing and stimulating the production of collagen.

3. It’s not a painful procedure

The treatment procedure is neither painful nor long.

What is the procedure for the skin booster treatment?

It is often performed in nurseries, under the effect of an anesthetic cream applied locally. The injection is done in the form of a micro bolus deposit just under the skin. People with sensitive skin may experience redness that sets in within a few days. Two to three sessions are recommended up to three weeks apart, then maintenance sessions can be carried out semi-annually or annually according to the advice of the attending physician. The effect usually lasts six to nine months, but can also extend for up to a year.

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Don’t worry if you feel any redness, it will go away soon. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Who should avoid it?

Although skin boosters are generally safe, it is advisable to tell the doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, immune deficient, have any skin conditions such as scleroderma, bleeding disorders, or if taking steroids or chemotherapy.


Treatment details should be individualized based on skin type and age-related changes to achieve desired cosmetic goals. Skin boosters are an excellent option to restore balance and harmony to the skin.