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Wearing a face mask can lead to skin problems

Wearing a face mask is always voluntary, however, it can have unintended and unintended consequences: skin problems.

In addition to the stress caused by COVID-19, dermatologists say wearing a mask every day can be bad for your skin.

“If you choose to wear a mask, you may need to take better care of your skin,” said Dr. Greg Walker of US Dermatology Partners in Waco.

Walker says most mask wearers will do just fine, but some, especially those prone to acne-like issues, need to consider their skin.

“Because of the pressure on the face and the rubbing of the mask, they might have a little more irritation or, maybe, clogged pores,” Walker said. “Some people who might be allergic to the mask materials might get a rash from just touching the mask.”

“And then, of course, women, for example, who might be wearing makeup, might also find their pores a bit more clogged just from the pressure of the masks,” he said.

However, there are ways to solve these problems.

Walker recommends people cleanse their face before putting on a mask and after taking it off to remove oil and dead skin cells.

“Sometimes the mask can actually put pressure on those areas and cause what we call a collision where the pores get clogged,” Walker said. , all of which can help remove oils and dead skin cells and minimize that risk.

Another reason to watch your skin: there have been reports of rashes caused by coronaviruses.

“Viruses in general are all known to cause rashes,” Walker said. “This one is kind of a non-specific rash, just redness and issues often all over the body.”

He says the rash is usually accompanied by other symptoms.

“So if you have a new rash or if you’ve had recent symptoms, fever, things like that, then certainly given a new rash in the context of COVID-19, you need to be aware that this is a possible presentation feature,” Marcheur said.

The stresses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic alone are enough to produce negative skin reactions.

“Stress can cause skin inflammation, and stress can make skin conditions like acne and rosacea worse, and dermatitis can flare up with stress,” Walker said. “If you’re prone to these conditions, yes, you may need to take better care of your skin, cleansing it before and after, using light moisturizers so you don’t clog pores.”

People might want to think twice about wearing makeup and wearing a mask.

“If you’re going to wear a mask, don’t put makeup under where your mask will press because that will force that makeup into the pores and clog them,” Walker said.

While skin issues shouldn’t be ignored, Walker says the benefits of wearing a mask outweigh the risks.

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