WATCH: Skin problems – who can understand?

Voluntarily opting for flaky skin to achieve better skin… is this an option for you?

Woman with flaky skin/Twitter screenshot/@LadBible

The winter cold has given everyone’s skin a hard time this season.

Add to that the countless times we apply disinfectant or go out in the cold without moisturizing, without risk of saying that our skin suffers a lot…

But not as much as those who suffer from dermatological diseases and who have to undergo treatments that are sometimes more harmful in the long term.

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Like this woman, Remi, who has suffered from eczema and treated it with a topical cream for over 20 years.

After using the cream for so long, she decided to stop using it and turned to the ‘moisture-free treatment’.

The reason she stopped the steroid cream was because it eventually stopped working for her.

Basically, she was prescribed a low dose cream when she was younger, and eventually the cream gets used to your skin and doesn’t work anymore. This causes doctors to prescribe a higher dose over the years, and so on.

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Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) caused Remi to suffer with raw, itchy, peeling skin.

No treatment for humidity essentially involves minimal water consumption and showering, and no hydration.

One of the things we loved the most was hearing how she learned to love and accept herself.

She kept an online diary of her journey without dampness treatment and documented it on TikTok.

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