Valérie de Spolia names Bolaño on her $10 Spanish skincare secret

In the dizzying era of multi-step skincare routines and micro-drop makeup launches, That’s why I wrote to you is a space where minimalists can talk about the unique beauty product that has found a long-standing place in their carefully curated routines.

Although Valerie Name Bolaño, who grew up in Caracas and Madrid, originally moved to New York nearly a decade ago to lend her discerning eye to apartment design, the Savannah College of Art and Design graduate has since swapped indoors for outdoor apparel with Spolia, a new collection of outdoor apparel made to order from upcycled upholstery fabrics. “I always admired the weaves of these textiles, which were thrown away after a project was completed,” Bolaño recalls. “I saw an opportunity to take them and give them new life.” Mission accomplished: Since debuting just over a year ago, her unique designs have found fans like Dada Daily’s Charlotte Rampling and Claire Olshan; For her part, Bolaño turned to a pleated silk shirt so intricate that little other embellishment is needed, especially above the neck.

“The older I get, the more I like myself when I don’t wear a lot of makeup,” Bolaño notes. In fact, she’s always been a proponent of a simplified skincare routine, thanks in large part to her grandmother, known for concocting her own natural face masks. Still, her family matriarch passed on a product recommendation, which remains in Bolaño’s arsenal to this day: “She used to have an endless supply of Agua de Colonia body lotion in her bathroom. “, says Bolaño. Now, when she returns home, she stocks up on various sizes of the heritage aloe vera product – created by Alvarez Gómez, one of Spain’s oldest perfumeries – as much for its nostalgic lemon-accented scent. Mediterranean than for its lightness. , moisturizing formula. Perhaps best of all, she adds, it gives her facade a demanding sheen, not unlike Spolia’s lampas blazers and striped silk taffeta boleros.

Below, Valerie Name Bolaño’s The One store.

Agua De Colonia Concentrada Body Lotion