Treatment of stomach cancer in specialist hospitals abroad

With timely and sufficient treatment, stomach cancer is a potentially curable disease. If the malignancy is diagnosed before it has spread beyond the stomach, the 5-year survival rate reaches 70%. In addition, sparing surgical techniques and targeted systemic drugs preserve a high quality of life. European hospitals offer comprehensive diagnostics, accurate cancer staging and individual treatment regimens. If you want to undergo a new and effective treatment abroad, medical tourism offers you such an option.

Surgical and local interventions

Surgery is the main treatment option for people with early-stage cancer. Qualified doctors perform endoscopic procedures instead of open procedures. Endoscopic mucosal resection and submucosal dissection require no skin incisions and have excellent efficacy in people with local tumors. Endoscopic removal of the tumor can also be performed.

Another option for locally advanced gastric adenocarcinomas is transcatheter arterial chemoembolization – blockage of tumor vessels after the introduction of chemotherapeutic agents inside.

Subtotal and total gastrectomy are indicated in patients with more advanced cancer. The lower or upper stomach, or the entire stomach with regional lymph nodes is removed. As much as possible, doctors preserve the functioning of the stomach. After a gastrectomy, the patient receives detailed recommendations regarding his diet and the taking of supporting medications (enzymes, vitamins, etc.).

Radiation therapy is used before surgery (to shrink a tumour), after surgery (to kill remaining malignant cells) or in place of it (if a patient is not a candidate for invasive treatment). Accurate and economical three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy and intensity-modulated radiotherapy are used in specialized hospitals.

Systemic treatments

Chemotherapy is given before or after surgery for the same purpose as radiation therapy. It may also be the main treatment for people with metastatic stomach cancer. Two or three chemotherapeutic agents are often combined for greater effectiveness. Modern diets have fewer side effects, but still require constant medical supervision during treatment.

Targeted therapy includes:

  • Drugs that target HER2 (the protein that promotes the growth of malignant cells)
  • Drugs that target VEGF (the protein that promotes angiogenesis)
  • TRK (the protein that stimulates abnormal cell growth) inhibitors

Immunotherapy includes several groups of drugs that allow a patient’s immune system to recognize and kill cancer.

Stomach cancer treatment hospitals and prices

The treatment of stomach cancer requires the cooperation of gastroenterologists, oncologists, abdominal surgeons, radiologists and other medical professionals. The list of hospitals with the best tumor advice includes:

  • Düsseldorf University Hospital
  • University Hospital of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  • Ulm University Hospital
  • University Hospital Frankfurt am Main
  • Bonn University Hospital

You can find updated and comprehensive information about these and other health facilities on the Booking Health website and choose the best stomach cancer hospital for you.

The cost of treatment depends on the interventions required. So, the price for an examination and a course of chemotherapy starts from 2,150 EUR. The price for the surgical removal of the stomach with the subsequent plasty starts from 20,100 EUR. You can also find rough cost estimates on the Booking Health website.

Getting treatment for stomach cancer abroad

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  • Reservation of flights and accommodation for a patient and his companion
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