This top notch ice roller for your face instantly depuffs puffy skin

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If you’re like me, the transition from summer to fall hasn’t been easy for you. Personally, I hibernate like crazy and it has an impact on the appearance of my skin. I wake up feeling puffy, puffy, over a fuller face – blame it on my head for being snuggled up in a pillow all night. It’s too cold not to have three pillows around your upper half of your body at all times right now! One thing that really calms and soothes my face in the morning is getting my facial ice roller out of my fridge.

The Roselyn Boutique Ithis face roller is the perfect way to wake up and deflate in the morning when you’ve hibernated for hours and need to get the night off your face. Use after you wake up or before an event for flawless skin or as the perfect base for makeup.

Courtesy of Roselyn Boutique.

Boutique Roselyn Ithis roller for face skin care

The Roselyn Boutique Ithis roller for face skin care is a facial care tool that you can use daily to calm irritated or inflamed skin. It’s a super easy step to add to your skincare routine – all you have to do is apply the roller (after it’s already been frozen) to clean skin and watch your skin deflate and look refreshed. When you use a skincare tool like this ice roller, you’re promoting blood circulation while helping to clean pores. Did I mention it’s also relaxing? You can also use your own beauty products like HA serums or vitamin C serums to really amp up the results here.

If you want to use this tool for facial massage, it can also work well on your eyes, temples, and neck to reduce any swelling you may have and give you a boost of energy.

Reviewers agree, saying, “It feels so good on my sensitive skin. I use it in the morning and it really calms my itchy allergy symptoms and makes my skin baby soft all day long. Also very refreshing for a morning routine and helps me wake up. I really recommend buying one.

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