The easiest acne routine for everyone

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Stubborn acne is the worst – I’m sure you’ll all agree with me on that. For someone struggling with acne or pimples, having a good skincare routine is imperative. And a good skincare routine is all about covering the base well so that you have a solid routine that benefits your skin.

No, no, don’t go now – I’m not going to bore you with a 12 or 24 step skin care routine for acne. But a simple and easy guide for anyone who just can’t commit to a looooong step-by-step guide EVERY DAY.

So, for all the lazy people out there, here is the easiest acne routine.

To note: The acne routine mentioned in this article is for people with minor acne.

The easiest acne routine for everyone

The easiest acne routine for everyone

morning routine for acne

Step 1: Wash your face

If you have acne, you know you need to wash your face every day, but did you know you don’t need an acne face wash? Unfortunately, most acne cleansers are too harsh and dry, leaving your skin more vulnerable to breakouts than healing.

Instead, use a mild sulfate-free cleanser. It will dissolve excess oil, dirt and bacteria without irritating your skin.

Step 2: Hydrate

Without hydration, oily, acne-prone skin gets carried away, clogs pores, and produces too much oil to compensate. So the opposite of what you want. Instead, use a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and/or ceramides to keep your skin balanced and hydrated.

Step 3: Wear SPF

When you get a pimple, you get embarrassing marks and scars that linger for weeks or even months, and UV exposure makes them worse and can also cause skin cancer and premature aging. So, darlings, don’t forget to use sunscreen, please.

The easiest acne routine for everyone

It is important to use a formula that:

1. Has an SPF of 30 or more, which is the daily minimum recommended by dermatologists.
2. Protects against UVA and UVB rays (those that cause damage).
3. It’s non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog pores.

Acne Nighttime Routine

Step 1: Wash your face

No matter how tired you are, wash your face before bed – and face wipes don’t cut it. To get rid of all the grime built up on your skin during the day, use the same cleanser you used in the morning.

If you wear makeup, experts recommend double cleansing – first using an oil-based cleanser to break down your foundation and eye makeup, then your gentle cleanser to rinse everything away, because cleansers the face alone does not effectively clean the pores.

Step 2: Apply acne treatment

Choose from serums or gels containing active ingredients like adapalene, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or niacinamide. For example, try adapalene or salicylic acid for blackheads and whiteheads and benzoyl peroxide or niacinamide for pustules.

The easiest acne routine for everyone

Benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and niacinamide can usually be used daily, but start by using them every other night, gradually building up your tolerance for daily use.

Step 3: Moisturize, Again

Your skin will need all the moisture it can get, so apply the same moisturizer you used in the morning. Most night creams contain active ingredients, and your skin will get what it needs to fight acne with the acne treatment gel/cream. However, mixing and matching too many active ingredients can irritate and even render your products ineffective.

Happy acne treatment, everyone!