The Ascended Beautician provides a breakthrough for aspiring Master Beauticians

The Elevated Esthetician program is designed to transform burnt-out estheticians into successful and successful estheticians.

Succeeding in the beauty industry can be a tough ordeal for many beauticians. Competition is tough and burnout is a problem. The Elevated Aesthetician, a comprehensive acceleration program, offers a solution. It provides estheticians with the knowledge and tools they need to start a profitable career in aesthetic medicine, allowing them to break free from the rat race while doing something they love.

“Go from esthetician to master esthetician in 8 weeks with unparalleled one-on-one support from me, Tammy, aka Glamtam,” says Tammy Napoli, creator of The Elevated Esthetician program and owner of SkinHealth Studios.

As a master esthetician and coach with over a decade of experience in the industry, Tammy understands the difficulty of trying to survive in a highly competitive field. By creating the program, she provides opportunities for estheticians to grow professionally and successfully transition into the medical aesthetics industry.

The Elevated Esthetician program takes a deep dive into the six fundamentals of skin health and the art and science of aesthetic medicine. It takes the guesswork out of treating skin conditions, teaches participants how to create the right treatment plan for each specific situation, prevent skin issues, and maintain positive results. The program also teaches participants about safe procedure depths, post-treatment management, classification of topical agents, and more.

Tammy shares everything she’s learned throughout her career, helping her fellow professionals avoid the same mistakes she’s made. This way, they can focus their time, energy, and money on things that actually bring results.

In the program, Tammy emphasizes the importance of understanding how skin works at a cellular level and how it responds to injury. According to her, this is the key to instantly knowing the best treatment plans for skin sensitivity, dryness, pigmentation and even inflammatory conditions. There is no longer any doubt.

Ultimately, The Elevated Esthetician is an indispensable tool for aspiring estheticians who want to be authoritative in their practice and perform at higher levels. It allows them to confidently treat skin health concerns and guide their patients in optimizing and achieving their skin care goals.

Beyond the technical details, the program also offers a free course module that covers topics on how to boost their social media presence. Best of all, Tammy will guide you with her expert advice and industry tips from start to finish.

The Elevated Esthetician program is now open for registration. A flexible and extensive payment plan is available for the convenience of students.

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