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HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – April 25, 2022 – Different eras may have different definitions of the trend, but a clean, groomed look on a man’s face always defines a handsome man. Refreshed and oil-free skin plays an important role in improving one’s personal image and this explains why the younger generation is more concerned about skin care than ever. In China, men’s grooming retail trade topped $16.7 billion, a growth of 13.5%. This reflects that there is a growing demand for men’s skin care, especially to maintain skin balance, such as sebum control and anti-aging. Pretty Beauty understands that it’s not common to have dedicated men’s skincare on the market, but the growing needs are increasing day by day. That’s why Pretty Beauty is launching the brand new programme: Pretty Beauty Skincare and Shaping Expert for Men in 2022. This personalized skincare service aims to provide the perfect skincare experience to all of our male clients.

The Young Opportunity New Men’s Skincare Trends Derived From The Pandemic

There are countless industries affected by the pandemic. This includes the beauty industry which has been hit even harder than others and has had to deal with cycles of natural selection within the industry. However, the relevant statistics outside of Hong Kong are startling. In 2020, retail trade in China reached over RMB 16.7 billion. The overall market growth rate reached 13.5%. Stats from video streaming platform Tiktok proved the same explosive needs in the market, with a third of skincare and cosmetics influencers focusing on men’s grooming, with views more than female users.

According to the consumer trend of “Tmall”, the largest online shopping platform in China, it also shows the rapid growth of the men’s beauty industry. The growth of men’s makeup products is 30 times higher than in the past. The 90s and mid-90s generations are becoming the biggest consumer group of men’s skincare and makeup products, and 80% of men between the ages of 26 and 30 have developed skincare habits of using sun creams and face masks. For the 31 to 40 age group, they pay more attention to anti-aging issues such as anti-wrinkle eye masks and skin essences. A number of surveys reported that China’s men’s beauty retail business exceeded RMB 16.7 billion. In recent years, several brands, even international ones, have successively launched their men’s skincare range.

Under the pandemic, men’s beauty brands are growing against the unfavorable mood of the general market. The word “beauty” is no longer exclusive to women, as the increasing demands of male grooming are shouted into the market. The new male beauty trend has led to the rapid expansion of the male beauty economy, leading to an innovative turn for men’s personal appearance. Inevitably, beauty and skincare products have become daily necessities and expenses.

That’s why Pretty Beauty is launching Men From Pretty Beauty Group’s brand new Skincare and Shaping Expert program, a personalized skincare service that aims to deliver the perfect skincare experience to all of our male customers. The world of exclusive beauty for women has changed, welcomed by all gentlemen who seek a unique care and grooming experience.

Pretty Beauty: The ultimate solution for men’s oily skin and anti-aging

The facial condition of men is very different from that of women. Mainly due to the influence of male hormonal activity, there is relatively more oil and sweat secretion on male skin.

Most male skin types are oily. When too much oil is not cleaned and the pores are clogged, it naturally leads to skin problems such as large pores, pimples, blackheads and acne, etc. Especially in adolescents, men’s oil secretion can be intense. Simple daily cleansing and skin care can effectively reduce clogged pores and soothe acne problems. If the issues are left untreated, permanent facial scars can be left due to cellular necrosis.

On top of that, men usually focus on work and career, busy with day-to-day work and socializing. It is common to develop the habit of staying up late, smoking, eating irregularly, etc. These are heavy burdens for the body that lead to endocrine disorders and exacerbated skin aging. Staying late results in dark circles and a bluish face; smokers have dull skin; and an irregular diet can cause acne problems.

There are two major themes in the care and beauty of male skin: the targeted response to skin problems and the delay of skin aging. The skincare and fitness experts at Men From Pretty Beauty can properly address both of the above issues. We specialize in researching and understanding men’s needs, exploring quick and effective male beauty solutions and solving common men’s facial issues.

Targeted Acne, Oily Skin Problems Prestigious LDM® Cellular skin care

Men From Pretty Beauty Group Skincare and Shaping Experts provides skin management for men to reveal the essence of healthy skin by healing oily skin, large pores, acne and other problems. We use patented skin regeneration technology developed by Wellcomet Technology in Germany to regulate the healing function of damaged skin. Using the LDM® Skin Cell Regenerator, the different ultrasound frequencies alternate rapidly to improve lymphatic and blood circulation, balancing the extracellular matrix (ECM). It regulates the degradation of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and facilitates the production of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and heat shock proteins (HSPs). The reconstructed cellular structure of the skin creates a unique feeling of freshness and naturalness, while restoring the simplest and purest state of skin and showing the charisma of a real man.

Men From Pretty Beauty Group Skincare and Shaping Experts Prestigious LDM® Cellular Skincare Treatment has a basic course of cellular entrainment, which has an effect similar to exercise. When the cells are active and healthy, different skin problems are naturally cured.

Delay skin aging 10THERA Dual-track Dual-line simultaneous output HIFU treatment

Unpleasant lifestyle habits accelerate skin aging, showing a tired 50-year-old look at the golden age of an unattractive man. The skincare and fitness experts at Men From Pretty Beauty Group specialize in the functions and biological needs of men’s skin. They help men maintain their youthfulness, and fight fatigue and skin aging by using the most advanced dual-linear HIFU equipment. Dual linear ultrasound energies are simultaneously delivered to result in highly intensive and focused thermal coagulation, targeting the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS). It is effective on the cells of the cheek, forehead and neck, stimulating the breakdown of old collagen, followed by the production and remodeling of new collagen. Ultimately, refined wrinkles, face lift and tightened skin are achieved.

About Pretty Beauty Group Men Skincare & Fitness Experts

Men by Pretty Beauty Group Skincare and Shaping Experts launched in 2022. It is a beauty service for men. True to our mission: to serve with the best, Men From Pretty Beauty Group Skincare and Shaping Experts aims to solve the skin problems of local gentlemen and create a new and exclusive beauty experience for men. It should bring the exclusive women’s beauty market into a new era.

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