Take care of your hair and skin with these pre- and post-holiday tips

Holi 2022: Apply oil before the Holi event, to easily get rid of hair colors

The festival of color, Holi, is fast approaching and we are ready to feast on mouth-watering food, lots of sweets, vibrant color schemes and a little water. However, with all the fun, we have to be careful as our skin and hair might get an onslaught of chemical Holi colors. So if you love playing Holi but are concerned about the impact of color on your hair, nails, and complexion, follow these simple before and after care guidelines to keep your celebrations stress-free.

Pre Holi care:

  • It’s best to create a barrier for exposed skin by applying coconut or mustard oil with sunscreen for at least 15 minutes before playing with color. Don’t forget areas like ears, neck and hands
  • As Holi is just towards the end of the winter season, skin can become dry and depleted from moisture. Thus, people with dry skin are more susceptible to damage from harsh chemicals. Therefore, one should moisturize the skin daily before the festival and use sunscreen. It is advisable to avoid bleach or chemical peels at least one week before Holi
  • It is recommended to wear cotton clothes with long sleeves to ensure that bare skin is not exposed to harmful colors
  • Prevent color from seeping onto the nails by trimming and applying glossy nail paint or clear nail polish. Also, for extra protection, apply polish or petroleum jelly like petroleum jelly to the exposed skin around the nails.
  • It is best to avoid chemical treatments like hair straightening and hair color treatment before Holi to avoid excessive dryness and hair damage.
  • For extra hair protection, tie it up instead of leaving it loose to reduce its exposure to color and damage
  • Apply oil before the Holi event, to easily get rid of hair colors
  • While playing Holi, use organic, water-soluble, plant-based colors. Avoid industrial and metallic colors like gold and silver which contain dyes that are a cause of allergies and rashes
  • Staying hydrated on Holi day is key to maintaining beauty

Post-Holi Care:

  • Wash off Holi colors immediately after playing. Use a soap-free cleanser and gently remove color from face and body
  • Avoid excessive friction on the skin as this may cause skin irritation and rashes
  • Try applying oil-based products to remove harsh skin colors
  • It is advisable to use a paraben and sulphate free shampoo to wash out hair colors
  • After washing colors, apply a thick layer of moisturizer and sunscreen to repair damage
  • Treatment like chemical peel should be avoided after Holi for at least a week
  • People with skin conditions like eczema, acne, psoriasis should take extra care when considering dry Holi with minimal use of colors and gulal
  • Worsening of the existing condition or appearance of new lesions should be reported to a dermatologist as soon as possible

(By Dr. Trupti D Agarwal, Consultant Dermatologist, Trichologist and Aesthetic Dermatologist, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai)

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