Superfood that helps maintain skin and hair and is very low in calories

Nutrition is increasingly being classified as a superfood. they are rich Doesn’t require a lot of nutrients in terms of caloriesSome of the most famous come from very attractive places, but There are also those that are produced in Spain and it is very interesting to know what they are and what advantages they give us,

are one of the most outstanding of our gastronomy turnip greens, typical of northern regions such as Galicia and CantabriaThese are the corresponding leaves turnip flower bud And its nutritional properties are extraordinary. In fact, it is recommended to fight against all kinds of health problems that do not always have something to do with each other.

Low in calories and rich in nutrients

Turnip greens are planted in the northwest of the peninsula Pixabay

There are only 32 calories in a 100 gram serving., In addition, it contains 7 grams of carbohydrates, 1.5 of protein, 0.13 of vegetable fat and 3.2 of fiber. But it’s rich Vitamins A, C and K, large amounts of iron and other minerals such as calcium and magnesiumIt does not contain cholesterol.

Among its many effects, it should be noted that strengthens hair and skin, Vitamin A is responsible for it, which protects the tissues. Also, Vitamin C makes collagen, which fuels both of these types of structures. cellphone. And iron also enhances hair growth.

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The results of consuming turnip greens do not stop there. The presence of calcium regenerates the bones and prevents osteoporosis problems which is seen in the body. In this way, the bone tissue can be strengthened by resorting to food. one hundred percent vegetable,

something else, High fiber content fights diabetesBecause it lowers blood sugar levels. Additionally, turnip greens choline, which helps you fall asleep and absorb fat, and folate, which fights depression and boosts memory,

best recipe

Besides the health benefits, it should be noted that It is an equally interesting food gastronomicallythe most classic recipe Lacon with GrellosA very Galician option, although a little more caloric. The best thing to do if you’re on a diet boil them separately As if it were chard or spinach. It has a very particular taste and can be eaten on its own.

season to eat

If you are going to try this super food, know that its cultivation dates are very short. They need cold and humidity, so they are planted from the end of December and the beginning of January to the end of February or the beginning of March. If you want to eat turnip greens outside of those two months, you’ll need to freeze or vacuum-pack them to keep them fresh.