Summer time! Keep your skin happy with cold therapy

Rubbing ice on the body, known as cold therapy or cryotherapy, has many benefits. This therapy is mainly used to relieve swelling by reducing blood flow and relieving pain.
A dominant use of ice is to nourish the skin and enhance beauty. You may have heard of its use to reduce tanning, but this natural therapy has other benefits. So here are some benefits of using ice on face-

Reduce puffiness, tenderness and puffiness

We are all aware that rubbing ice on a wound works wonders and the same goes for the face. The cooling effect helps an individual drain excess fluids from the lymphatic system. This helps to reduce facial puffiness.

Reduce the signs of aging

Ocan’t remove the signs of aging, but we can do something to control it. It’s rubbing ice on your face. A regular message of ice on the face helps to produce better blood circulation which automatically improves the radiance of the skin.


Rubbing your face with an ice cube of milk is a natural exfoliant. Milk provides lactic acid to the body which helps to remove all dead skin cells. Refreshing effect enhances radiance and natural glow.

Prevent acne

Its anti-inflammatory property helps reduce acne. Rubbing the ice helps calm the inflamed area and reduces pore size. It also decreases sebum production which is the main cause of acne. Massage the face with ice before applying skincare products. Increases absorption of skin products.

Reduce oiliness

Oily skin is also one of the causes of pimples. Rubbing ice on the skin helps reduce the greasy feeling on the face. Controlled oil production helps skin glow.

How to Use Face Ice (Pro Tips):
There are many ways to use ice, but experts suggest using 4-5 ice cubes on your face covered with a cotton cloth. Make sure the cloth is clean.

  • Rub the ice in a circular motion on the chin, jawline, forehead and cheeks.
  • Make sure your face is clean before applying ice.
  • One can also use other ingredients such as aloe vera and green tea in place of water for nutritional benefits.