St. Louis locals love this natural, restorative skincare line | Style

Photo courtesy of Clay Cosmetics

Raise your hand if you’ve struggled with easily broken nails, damaged cuticles, bloody nails, or cracked skin! In fact, raise both hands – and treat them with products designed by Clay Cosmetics.

Launched in November 2020 by local nail technician Angelica Clay, this beauty brand, which includes nourishing oils, scrubs and butters, stays true to its motto to give you “the skincare your skin deserves.”

“I celebrated my first [business anniversary] last year on Black Friday,” says Clay. “The product reviews and feedback so far have been very positive. I really enjoy the process.

Clay guarantees the quality of its products by making them by hand and using cruelty-free materials.

“I started it originally because people were coming [to do their nails] and say, “My skin is so dry and I don’t know what to do,” Clay says. “I was like, ‘I make butters and scrubs’ – and it was just for fun at the time. So I was like, “Let’s see if that helps”, and it really helped [my customers].”

Clay’s clientele as a nail technician includes mostly women, which she originally targeted with her signature products, but her cuticle oil and body butters have also found success with men, her clients report. .

“A lot of people would come in and say, ‘I need another jar – my husband took that one,'” she laughs.

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