Skincare Secrets: Five Ways to Glow

It’s a great feeling to discover a new skincare secret, especially when it feels tailor-made; as if it was specially designed and manufactured for your skin only. And thanks to technology, research and more skincare specialists, the formulas keep getting better, discovering new ways for us to feel even better.

Skin expert Lien Rogers said her most asked question was about aging: what should I do to get rid of age spots and achieve a more youthful glow?

She said that because age spots are caused by both internal and external factors, but primarily the latter, there are many ways people can achieve their desired appearance. However, she said people don’t recognize their outer layer as more than an indicator of beauty and may overlook the myriad of other factors that come into play when it comes to caring for it.

“It’s the largest organ in the body, protecting us from harmful microorganisms and environmental problems, so we shouldn’t neglect it,” Ms Rogers said.

“You make your skin work very hard to protect your body, so please help your skin.”

From owning the perfect sunscreen for your face to looking at your wardrobe, here are some of the top skincare tips we’ve learned.

The skin protects our whole body, so let’s help it

Because extrinsic factors affect our skin so much, even more so than intrinsic factors, the use of protective barriers is important. This looks like avoiding sun exposure whenever possible, staying away from constant heat, and always wearing a physical barrier sunscreen with high SPF50+ protection – which you should apply twice a day. to protect your skin.

Have enough moisture on your skin

Familiarize yourself with serums and face creams.

“While the serum is designed to penetrate deep into the skin, the cream tends to care for the outer layers and prevent moisture loss from the skin,” Ms. Rogers said.

When our skin becomes dry, many problems can arise with our skin due to the imbalance that occurs, and because our body is constantly shedding cells, the moisture aids in the repair process, helping to reduce the likelihood of skin problems. .

Skin needs enough water to glow

Your skin specialists should clearly understand the distinction between moisture and water, but also know the vitality of the combination.

“While water helps hydrate the skin with many ingredients designed to provide high hydration, moisturizing ingredients lubricate the skin and prevent the skin from losing water,” Ms. Rogers said.

Don’t forget TLC

Cultivating some tender and loving care towards your skin is very important.

“Don’t stretch your skin or put a lot of pressure on your skin to get rid of dirt or makeup,” Ms Rogers said.

When cleaning the skin, be gentle. Use cold or lukewarm water and do not use facial cleanser containing harsh ingredients; look for a cleanser that contains natural ingredients, without harsh, sand-like lumps.

Take a look at your lifestyle habits

Taking care of your skin is more of a lifestyle than a quick fix; it’s about taking care of your skin every day – it extends to food and wardrobe, so maybe it’s time to take stock. What is your alcohol consumption? A high amount will not help skin glow. What about your sugar intake? A high intake can reduce vital proteins, including collagen and elastin, and cause sagging skin, dryness, wrinkles and rashes. Interestingly, spicy foods can also cause skin sensitivity and pimples because they contain high acidity, leading to disturbance in the pH level of the skin.

But it’s not just about diet: “Avoid constantly picking, touching or stretching your skin, especially in areas where pimples are present,” Ms. Rogers says.

“You can’t have glowing skin while your skin is irritated.”

This extends to your wardrobe: avoid wearing fabrics that itch your skin or wearing too few clothes when it’s cold – this forces your skin to work harder to protect your body.

Having the desired skin starts with appreciating what your skin does for your body. And that might be the biggest skincare secret to date.

Finding the right skin care advice and care is a bit of a journey. Rogers Healthcare manufactures premium, natural, Australian-made skincare for anyone who wants to improve their skin. Their products help reduce age spots, other hyperpigmentations and provide a more youthful glow. Visit the website for more information.