Skincare brands are finding an enthusiastic new customer in China: men

From brand concept, product design to promotion and marketing, EB39 and Sidekick target Chinese male consumers with products that specifically address typical male skin issues such as oily skin and acne. , and marketing on the social media platforms they use the most.

Sidekick says it’s skincare for Gen Z Asian men, and is similarly targeting this group on social media with new branding and simple color matching. According to Ipsos, two online channels, social media and live streaming, have become the most important channels for Chinese male beauty care consumers to research products, with 86% of male consumers purchasing their skincare products online. line.

The success of the Chinese men’s skincare market is mainly due to the changing attitude of young consumers towards personal care. As the gender specificity of makeup and skincare gradually fades, skincare products are increasingly seen as a necessity by many young male consumers.

The contradiction with consumers’ search for high-end products, however, is the lack of available brands. Compared with high-end women’s skincare brands, there are very few high-end men’s skincare brands in the market, and they entered the Chinese market relatively late.

In China, entrants such as EB39 and Sidekick face local competition. Perfect Diary, a local Chinese beauty brand, officially launched a men’s collection last year. In addition, Winona, Kosé, Make Essense and DearBoyFriend have also gained popularity among young Chinese consumers through online platforms.

Brands like La Prairie and La Mer have benefited from Chinese celebrities sharing their skincare routines.

Photo: La Prairie