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It takes a lot of time to dedicate to your skincare routine. We understood. Between the return of your children to school, busy work schedules and daily tasks that take all our attention, sometimes treating our skin with a little attention takes precedence over everything else. So if you’re looking to make your skin look plumper and more radiant, let us help. This Super Bounce mask makes your skin look its best just 10 minutes.

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Sand & Sky’s Super Bounce Australian Glow Berries Mask offers multiple visible benefits for your skin that shoppers can’t help but rave about. It promises to deeply hydrate and brighten the skin, thanks to a blend rich in antioxidants. The mask is packed with vitamin C to brighten and even skin tone. The formula also contains five types of hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that locks in moisture in the skin. The brand also stated that the super mask “can visibly reduce wrinkles by 41% thanks to polyphenols”.

Australian Luminous Berry Super Bouncy Mask

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Sand & Sky

“[It’s] bring middle-aged skin to life! said one reviewer. “I love the feel of the mask and the applicator. I’ve been using it for a little while now and not only have I noticed the glow in my face, but I’ve also noticed my middle-aged neck, yes, the part that most of us forget to include in the mask routine, is firmer and brighter,” they added.

The mask even helps calm a variety of skin issues like rosacea. “These are goals,” said one buyer. “My rosacea causes dry, itchy skin with bumps, and when it’s particularly dry it’s my go-to, and it hydrates it super every time. And it doesn’t just last a day or two, it seems really help on a deeper level not just on the surface I didn’t think anything could calm my skin like this.

“This is the best mask to put on before bed. If I take my makeup off and I feel really dull, I use it and the next day I feel my skin is much plumper and hydrated. I love it. ‘use in combination with the drops,’ explained one end customer.