Rising Cases of Lumpy Skin Disease: Agricultural Republic Proposes ‘Carpet Vaccination’ of Animals – Pakistan

LAHORE: Expressing concern over the rise in cases of Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) in animals, the Agricultural Republic has suggested the Federal Government to opt for “rug vaccination” of animals across Pakistan so as not only to to save farmers from heavy future losses, but also the national economy.

“The National Ministry of Food Safety and Research (NFS&R), in collaboration with the livestock departments of all provinces, should vaccinate all animals in the length and breadth of the country to save the sector which contributes to approximately 61.9% of agricultural value added and 14%. percent of national GDP in the year 2021-22,” Agricultural Republic co-founder Aamer Hayat Bhandara said in an interview with Business Recorder on Saturday.

Bhandara said animal husbandry is the most important economic activity for people in rural areas of Pakistan. More than 8 million rural families are engaged in livestock raising and derive about 35-40% of their income from this sector. However, the spread of LSD posed a very serious threat to their livelihoods as in 2018 the FAO estimated that due to Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) alone there was a loss of USD 692 million in terms of milk production, treatment cost, body weight. loss and mortality in buffaloes and bovine calves in Pakistan.

“I am afraid that the losses from the lumpy skin disease will be much more than foot and mouth disease because it is 2022 and the LSC ratio is much higher than foot and mouth disease,” expressed his fear. He said the nodular skin disease also infects milk and meat and has been declared unhealthy for human consumption, which has caused serious social and financial problems for people and poor farmers raising the animals in rural areas of the country. country just for Eid-ul-Adha. .

Now if we just discuss infected animals, although they recover in a very short period of time, in the longer term females would face reproductive issues and males would also face fertility issues resulting in a loss in the number of animals and at the end. future domestic meat and milk production, he added.

Meanwhile, the Punjab Livestock Department had claimed on Friday that 10,982 animals have so far been reported as suffering from LSD in the province, while out of those 9,362 animals have already recovered. The department on Saturday banned another 45 animals from entering Lahore on suspicion of LSD. Regarding vaccination, the department claims to have administered 1.662 million animals against this disease in Punjab.

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