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Most men deal with skin issues even after following a skin care routine or doing more than they want. We are going to let you in on a secret. Just like the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, chances are the answer to your never-ending skin problems lies there too. In your gut, to be more specific. As strange as it may sound, it is absolutely true.

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We spoke to Janvi Chitalia, Integrative Gut Microbiome Health Coach and Functional Medicine Nutritionist, about the impacts of poor gut health on the skin to make it easier for you.

She says, “The skin is one of the most visible indicators of a bad gut microbiome. Whether it’s an unbalanced intestinal flora, allergies or hormonal changes, the skin reacts in different ways like acne, skin inflammation, eczema, rashes, irritation skin, hives, rashes and/or discoloration.

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However, she also gave valuable tips and tricks and explained how your gut could be the culprit for your skin issues.

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Here are some ways your gut could affect your skin and make skin problems worse.

1. Poor gut health can lead to intestinal inflammation, which can also lead to skin inflammation.

2. Stress, antibiotics, alcohol, cigarettes, excess sugar, and pollution can compromise the good bacteria in the gut and interfere with nourishment to the skin, leading to skin diseases as well.

3. Exposure to pollutants and toxins in our environment and food, and the use of over-the-counter pain relievers and antacids lead to an increase in IBS-related problems, leading to heat acne or boils on the skin of the face, especially the cheeks, the forehead or even the back.

4. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) caused by low stomach acid has a direct link to rosacea (red, bumpy irritation on the face).

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Now that you know how your skin issues could fall victim to an unhappy gut, here are small lifestyle changes that can help maintain good gut health as well as healthy skin.

1. There are certain foods like processed foods, fried foods, dairy products, sugar, gluten, and any unhealthy junk foods that you should avoid. They upset the microbiome’s balance between good and bad bacteria, leading to inflammation, leaky gut, and leaky gut. These intestinal imbalances show up on the skin as patches of dry skin, psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus, bullous pemphigoid, etc.

2. Men often complain of extremely dry skin, which can be due to lack of water, lack of good fats in the diet, which can help nourish the skin inside out and reduce skin dryness.

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3. Insulin resistance or pre-diabetes can manifest as skin discoloration, especially in the armpits, neck, forehead, or even facial frown lines. Regulating insulin and sugar levels could help reduce pigmentation

4. Include foods in your meals that can help your skin. These are healthy probiotics like yogurt, kanji and rice water kimchi, good fats like avocado oil, coconut preparations, olives or olive oil, bone broth or collagen made from fish or chicken or mutton bones. Also include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Also, follow these health tips to make sure your gut is healthy and it shows in your skin too.

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1. Drink an anti-inflammatory concoction of hot turmeric and ginger powder to treat autoimmune diseases.

2. Boil jeera, ajwain and dhania in water to reduce constipation related boils or grate ginger and lime 20 minutes before main meals.

3. Needless to say, yoga, meditation, walking, or regular exercise can help both your gut and your skin a lot. It helps to detoxify and relieve and thus improves the health of the skin.