Paula’s Choice BHA Sensitive Skin Scrub fights acne and irritation

Anyone who has ever struggled with acne, whether mild or severe, knows the frustration of scouring forums, threads, and articles looking for a solution. Few acne products are as respected and loved by users and dermatologists alike as Paula’s Choice BHA Exfoliator. Formulated with a 2% concentration of beta-hydroxy acid to eliminate texture and built-up bacteria, it has been the brand’s best-selling product worldwide since its release. If you have acne and sensitive skin, however, attacking inflammation with a powerful active can often make matters worse. Thankfully, innovation wins out again – Paula’s Choice BHA Sensitive Skin Exfoliant, part of the brand’s all-new Calm collection, is finally here with the ultimate happy medium.

Spend even an hour searching for skincare recommendations online and you’re sure to see someone singing the praises of Paula’s Choice Original BHA. To understand the hype, it’s crucial to know how its star ingredient, beta-hydroxy acid in the form of salicylic acid, works. Salicylic Acid works as an accelerated version of the skin’s natural exfoliation process to unclog pores and stubborn, bumpy texture, ultimately revealing the smooth layer beneath. It’s effective, but undeniably strong – doctors often recommend increasing usage slowly to acclimate carefully, and insist on pairing it with an acne-free SPF every day to protect that extra-vulnerable facial skin. The just-released sensitive skin exfoliator takes the same key principles and ingredients as the OG, but tweaks and tempers it to suit reactive, dry, or irritated complexions — without sacrificing that all-important acne-fighting power. .

The problem with sensitive skin is that it can be an inherent and permanent skin type or a transient problem caused by things like a compromised moisture barrier, damage from the sun and the environment and the reactivity of the products. Whatever the trigger, it is essential to treat this sensitive skin with gentler and more nourishing formulas. In the case of the new Paula’s Choice exfoliator, the salicylic BHA content has been reduced to 1%. It’s still enough to clear up closed comedones, pustules and dull skin, but the reduced strength and gel-cream formula (as opposed to the water-like consistency of the original) helps reduce the risk of breakouts. further irritation. Plus, the formula is loaded with skin-soothing allatoin, a naturally restorative emollient that’s been shown to be safe even for more complex skin concerns like rosacea.

The sensitive skin exfoliator joins five other products in the new Paula’s Choice Calm collection, a complete routine of hydrating and soothing products formulated for delicate and compromised skin. It’s estimated that nearly seven out of 10 people will experience sensitive skin at some point, making the Calm collection as universal as it gets. Shop the new formulation below.

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