Paige Spara Shares ‘The Good Doctor’ Spoilers and All the Reasons She Loves Kim Kardashian’s Skincare Line

As the sixth season of ‘The Good Doctor’ kicks off, fan-favorite Paige Spara – she plays Lily opposite Freddie Highmore’s Shaun Murphy – shares what we can expect from the popular drama, the personal reasons that brought her in towards the role, and why she really, really loves SKKN BY KIM right now.

What can we expect going into this week’s show?

“Well, the premiere started right at Shaun and Lily’s wedding, and chaos ensued… I wonder what I have the right to say about it! I guess I have the right to say this: another nurse is tragically injured, we’re all pulled from the wedding and the hospital is in lockdown, we’re all here for each other trying to save someone’s life… so it’s safe to say that the marriage is very short.

The show has done a lot to raise autism awareness. Did that attract you to the role?

“Yes absolutely. One of my best friends is on the spectrum and I was definitely drawn to him; I really wanted to be part of the conversation of someone who is on the spectrum and someone who is not on the spectrum can manifest and have a relationship. I really wanted to explore what it looks like and what it can be like and put it out into the world as part of that. I was really excited to be a part of it, it’s certain.

And then your character is very focused on computers and technology. Are you like that in real life?

“Absolutely not! I’m 33 and if I don’t know how to hook up my laptop to my TV, I’ll give up. I’m a really good quitter when it comes to technology.

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I understand. Do you have any moments of beauty on set that help you get into character?

“I don’t even know how beautiful it is…but I guess it’s more of a mental thing. We are all so giddy seeing each other and we usually jump in place and talk for a few minutes before we start our work and we play with my dog. Since I’m one of the only non-doctors on the show, I kind of have more time to myself – those of us who aren’t playing doctors aren’t part of the machine with the prep. The rest of the cast have to do all that other stuff by preparing with preparation and planning when they’re in the ER.

Right now I’m using Kim Kardashian’s beauty line [SKKN BY KIM], and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. Of course, because if Kim Kardashian tells you to put that on your skin, I’m in! I also like feeling like a Kardashian. It’s really nice, it clears up my skin. I love it and it looks great under the makeup I have to wear on camera.

It’s a huge testimony. What do you do to relax after these heavy scenes and long days?

“I journal every night before I go to bed and every morning to clear my brain and my emotions. I find it really helps balance me and helps me fall asleep.

What else are you excited about this fall?

“I’m in Vancouver right now. This is where we film. Noah Galvin – he’s an actor who plays a doctor on our show – is one of my best friends and we love traveling around BC and finding really cool Airbnbs in places we’ve never been. For example, this weekend we are going a little two hours north to a town called Pemberton, somewhere in the mountains. I’m excited to venture out to BC in my spare time.

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