Neena Gupta shares she wasn’t happy with her daughter, Masaba taking pills to cure her skin issues

Veteran actress, Neena Gupta shares an unbreakable bond with her daughter, Masaba Gupta. For the uninitiated, she had raised her daughter as a single mother and had taken on all the responsibilities on her own. For the uninitiated, Masaba is the daughter of Neena and her cricketer ex-boyfriend, Vivian Richards. In the process, she had faced huge criticism from society. However, she remained steady all the time and managed to give her daughter the best life.

On the work side, Masaba Gupta is an Indian actress and a renowned fashion designer. She also owns a fashion brand called, Masaba’s House. However, the beauty has also faced many things in her life, and she recently opened up about her struggles growing up. Now, it’s her mother who has shared her take on the same.

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In an interview with Hindustan Times, Neena Gupta spoke about her daughter Masaba Gupta’s skin and acne problems. She revealed that to cure her problems, Neena took her to many doctors. However, she was never happy about Masaba taking pills for the same. Neena shared:

“His (Masaba’s) hair was a problem, it was so curly we couldn’t braid it. Her skin was a problem, and she constantly stared at my long black hair and skin, and wondered why she looked different from me and her contemporaries. I had to take him to every doctor in Mumbai for his acne, and some would recommend pills. But I was not very happy with the pills for such a young girl. There were days when her acne was so bad she wouldn’t come out of her room…”

Earlier on June 4, 2022, Masaba Gupta had taken to her Instagram account and shared a photo of herself. In the photo, she was seen showing a close-up of her face when she was 12 and started getting acne on her face. She also added that she didn’t want to look in a mirror for years and wrote:

“What would you say to a 12 year old who hasn’t wanted to look in a mirror for years. Thanks to the acne that exploded on her face overnight… But she still survived it all.

Also, in the same story, she had mentioned her parents, Neena Gupta and Vivian Richards, who asked her to grow up in such a positive environment. She added that they made her believe in herself and gave her a princess vibe. She added in her note:

“I would look to their parents…I don’t know how my mum did it but she raised me to believe I’m a queen anyway.”

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Earlier, in an interview with the Indian Express, Masaba was asked about her feelings after having a child out of wedlock. To which, she said that even after being a modern woman, she still lacked the courage to have a child in love. She mentioned that she had to deal with whispers and taunts around her for a long time. In his words:

“Accepting is one thing, but what happens behind the scenes is another. You would pass comments like this, she slept with someone and had a baby. I have read stories of so many single mothers who had children out of wedlock. They have to deal with whispers and people talking behind their backs. Nothing has changed over time. Being a modern woman, do I have the courage to have a baby out of wedlock? marriage? Ever. I don’t want to take that extra pressure and put a kid in that space.”


What do you think of Masaba’s fight and the support of his parents?

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