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Natalia Dyer is best known for playing Nancy Wheeler in Netflix Foreign Things but is also known for her elegant fashion style and her several million followers on Instagram. Dyer recently opened up about her secret skincare routine and a “very soft” moisturizing face cream it’s sure to change anyone’s self-care game.

In her “Beauty Secrets” with vogue, Dyer revealed that she used to use face masks but couldn’t always wash all the color off her face before stepping on camera. Luckily, this moisturizer put an end to all that. This moisturizing face cream from La Roche-Posay is gentle, oil-free, highly effective and “magical” according to Amazon customers.

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This double repair moisturizer hydrates your skin for up to 48 hours and rebalances your skin microbiome without clogging pores. Too many moisturizers clog and grease your skin, creating as many problems as they “solve”. This oil-free moisturizer creates a barrier in one hour to prevent clogged pores even after the routine is finished. stranger thingsNatalia Dyer said of La Roche-Posay and its moisturizer: “I love this brand, very soft. Every time my skin freaks out, I come back to them.

This fragrance-free moisturizer is mainly composed of spring water and a highly concentrated prebiotic that soothes, hydrates and prevents skin damage. For proper use, gently apply the moisturizer to your neck and face in the morning, evening, or both. From there, your skin will quickly absorb the moisturizer to begin the healing process. Dry cleaner use this face moisturizer after applying a skin repair complex and before applying a desensitizing/redness reducing serum.

A Amazon Buyer say it La Roche-Posay moisturizing face cream was the “Best facial care product I’ve ever used!” Tried this on a whim because my dry sensitive skin (prone to oily patches and large pores) was even drier than usual and nothing I had was helping… This lotion tops all my desires in every way. It is light, non-greasy, absorbs very quickly and lasts all day. My skin has improved so much over the past few weeks of use that I’m tempted to believe it’s a little magical.

If Nancy Wheeler can fight a Demorgon, then you can easily conquer those spots and scars on your face with La Roche-Posay moisturizing cream. Stop wasting time on moisturizers that leave your face smelly and greasy – give your skincare the boost. Natalia Dyer Upgrade it was missing. This face moisturizer is currently $20 on Amazon.