Nassau’s new spa is all about fitness, wellness and beauty

LONG BEACH, NY – A new spa has opened in Long Beach, offering guests a three-pronged relaxation effort.

Pod Spa and Wellness offers beauty, wellness and fitness options under one roof.

This is the first location for Pod Spa.

The 7,000 square foot facility can accommodate up to 49 people. But there are plenty of activities to satisfy everyone.

Pod Spa and Wellness offers group classes and private training.

“We have three infrared saunas that are personal suites,” Courtney Roberts, Pod Spa’s nurse administrator, told Patch.

The facility is open seven days a week for classes, with aesthetics and wellness available Tuesday through Sunday.

Roberts said they have “very competitive prices” because they cater to everyone’s needs.

Aesthetics is to help teenagers deal with acne and older people who are concerned with age-related skin problems.

“We have something for every skin type,” she said.

Fitness, which includes circuit training and rowing, is geared towards all levels. There are spa packages that cater to men.

Man or woman, the spa is also beneficial for athletes.

“We have cryotherapy, local and a big tank, where you can bathe the whole body,” Roberts said. “We have IV [intravenous] for hydration and vitamins.”

She said yoga and other classes help patients regain their flexibility.

Roberts plays an important role in staff support and training.

“Staff have come looking to advance their skills and that’s something we’re doing,” she said.

The wellness component makes it a “great place to relax and unwind,” Roberts said.

Mental health is a primary concern for so many due to the housebound nature of the pandemic.

Aesthetics covers services from routine facials to HydraFacials, which cleanse the skin and replenish serums.

They also do laser work for hair removal and fat loss.

Instead of using Botox injections, they have a state-of-the-art machine to exercise and stimulate the muscles.

Pod Spa also uses a stem cell serum “actually from a 21-year-old athlete that was bred in a lab,” Roberts said.

The Long Beach spa is a “destination” place where you can “stay for hours,” she said. An example of this would be to cater for all aspects of a wedding.

“You can come [and] hanging out in our salt cave, in our saunas. We have an infusion room where people can drip [IVs] together,” we said.

With so many options, they like to serve groups of up to 10 people.

Weather permitting, they also have rooftop space to host outdoor events.

Pod Spa and Wellness is located at 221 E. Park Ave.