My City – 3 Ways to Have Super Soft Skin for Valentine’s Day

Along with lots of chills, the winter air also brings flaky, dry skin. And that’s not good, since now love is also in the air! So don’t just give all your love to your Valentine, save some for your skin too! We’ve got 3 natural and super easy ways to get super soft skin before that exciting Valentine’s Day.

Exfoliating treatment at home
Skin experts keep stressing the importance of exfoliation these days, especially with all the air pollution, sun rashes, and general aging. Although it is a known fact that our skin skills are lost naturally, the factors mentioned above slow down or even completely stop the process. It makes your skin wrinkled, dull and dehydrated. Although you can physically exfoliate your skin by dry brushing, it can be quite painful considering the already dry skin brought on by winter. A smart and sustainable alternative is therefore to use the AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA (beta hydroxy acids) treatment. Although these terms sound super scary, they are actually very gentle and effective if we replace chemicals with natural alternatives. AHAs and BHAs are hydroxy acids that carefully loosen the bond between skin and dead skin cells, exposing fresh, supple skin! And you can use natural AHAs and BHAs readily available at home to experience the new you! For example, you can include sugar cane, milk, and citrus fruits as AHAs in your skin care regimen and wintergreen leaves, papaya, berries are excellent sources of salicylic acids which form BHA . An important aspect to note here is that since this is a treatment you do not need to exfoliate your skin regularly, AHAs can be used to exfoliate every 2 days and BHAs once a week .

Have a facial
Before your big V-Day, head to your nearest saloon or you can even try an at-home facial. What’s important is that your skin is exfoliated, steamed and hydrated. Facial steamer has the added benefits of cleaning your pores and removing dirt and blackheads from your face. Hydration becomes necessary to patch up dry skin caused by harsh winter air. An extra tip would be to add peels of your usual citrus fruits such as oranges, melons, lemons, etc. in water while steaming. The readily available DIY natural face masks will also help keep your skin nourished and therefore soft.

face massage
It’s no secret that massages help increase blood circulation, which also makes the skin more alive. And massaging your face is something you can do yourself or have someone else do. Applying pressure points to the muscles of your face as well as the areas around it, such as your neck and head, helps you relax and leave you feeling refreshed, as it firms your skin and reduces acne on your face. Therefore, facial massage is highly recommended.
These three must-haves will ensure you have soft, radiant skin on your Valentine Date and will also make you feel more confident!
With contributions from Ruchita Acharya, Glow and Green Founder.