Molly-Mae Hague says ‘pieces of her lips’ are falling off as Love Island star suffers skin issues

MOLLY-Mae Hague has revealed she suffers from dry skin and has moisturized ‘four times a day’ to keep pieces of her lips from ‘falling out’.

The 22-year-old star – who recently got her face fillers dissolved – made the admission in her first sit-down video blog of the year.


Molly-Mae told fans she suffered from dry skin and her lips were falling out
Molly also revealed that she can leave her hair unwashed for up to four days


Molly also revealed that she can leave her hair unwashed for up to four days

She started off by giving her fans a sneak peek into her winter beauty routine, saying, “Welcome to my channel, hope you’re all doing well.

“I’m a bit bummed that I haven’t released a video, this is basically the first one I’ve released in 2022.

“A lot happened. My hair is a little crazy, I didn’t want to wash it, I was a little lazy, so I put it back, it’s four day old curls.

“Also, if you see real pieces of my lips falling off while I’m talking, there’s nothing I can do.

“My lips, my eyelids, my skin, everything is dry. Pieces of my skin and parts of my lips are falling off. It’s disgusting.

“If you see scabs everywhere I hydrated four times today, I really can’t do much more.”

Her fans haven’t noticed any flaky skin issues, with writing below her upload: “Can we all appreciate how Molly-Mae looks so radiant and radiant 😍 love the look🙌”

Another delighted: “Molly, congratulations on your new home! You look beautiful without putty or veneers. ✌❤🙏”

Molly-Mae recently transformed her face by dissolving her lip and face fillers.

She admitted that she felt the most beautiful she had ever felt once her fillers were gone.

She added that she dissolved her face and lips: “I had no idea how much respect it would bring me, I didn’t do it out of respect, I did it for myself.

“I didn’t do it for anyone else, I did it because I knew I needed it.”

Molly-Mae went on to reveal that the disbanding of her charge has affected some fans so much that they “cry their eyes out” when they meet her.

“I actually had a mom come up to me when I was visiting Hitchin with my mom, she came up to me on the street crying,” the influencer shared.

“[She said] she was so grateful to me for doing what I did with my charge because she is so happy with the effect it had on her children.

“My mum started crying. It was like emotions. My mum, when the woman walked away for us, said ‘I’m so proud of you’.”