Micro-decisions and skin care: a plastic surgeon explains

“You can’t rely on your dentist twice a year to clean your teeth, you have to brush and floss every day,” she says, noting that the same goes for dental care. of the skin: “The power of many small daily interventions cannot be underestimated. »

She goes on to explain that your daily habits, even the things you might not even have on your radar, are the foundation for great skin. “I would say it’s those thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of interventions and micro-decisions that make us who we are and affect how our skin looks,” she says.

Want examples of what she means by that? “Do you go out in the sun every day without sunscreen? Do you sleep on your face and burn positional wrinkles on your face? Do you take the extra five seconds to use a vitamin C serum or retinol? If you do all these things, you’ll end up in a better place [than those who do big treatments once or twice a year].”

If the metaphors of oral care or financial care mentioned earlier didn’t appeal to you, I have one more: she also compares it to your diet. “I’m often asked this question, and it’s an impossible question to answer. The question is, “What product or ingredient should I use?” ” she says. “But that’s not how skincare works, in the same way that you would never ask a nutritionist ‘What is the only food I should eat?’ No. You have a well-balanced diet.

If this philosophy of beauty resonates with you, I think you’ll really enjoy the episode below. Log in to find out more.