Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly shut down Disneyland Ride

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox reportedly shut down a must-see Disneyland attraction so they could ride it alone despite the countless vehicles.

The report was made in the Disneyland Reddit thread of celebrity interactions at the California theme park. It is not known when the incident occurred, however, both MGK and the Transformers actress are Disneyland regulars.

“Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox have stopped the Haunted Mansion line because apparently no one else can ride with them at the same time,” user Mittens_MD wrote. “So they had to clear the ride before they got in and wait for them to leave.”

Other users responded to the subthread with questions regarding typical celebrity behavior at a theme park. A few users pointed out that celebrities usually have a VIP tour guide and/or security with them and walk through the Lightning Lane area or a backdoor to access attractions without disrupting normal park operations.

Another person tweeted about the incident where they claimed that people don’t care if a famous person takes a ride to an amusement park with them.

“There’s more than one buggy in the Haunted Mansion. Are you going to reimburse waiting guests for the time they lost because you ‘needed to ride alone’?” they wondered.

The “Bloody Valentine” rapper and Fox aren’t the first celebrities to shut down a ride at Disneyland. Last year, the Kardashian and Travis Barker families shut down the Indiana Jones Adventures ride for all their offspring to experience for themselves. The Kardashians also shut down the Mad Tea Party teacup ride last April.

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