Khanyi’s Glow Founder Nokukhanya Ngcobo on Giving the Beauty Industry Glow Through Holistic Healing

Over the past few years, we’ve seen many transformations in the beauty industry, with many people of color jumping into creating products to suit their skin. One such person is Nokukhanya Thobile Ngcobo – the founder of skincare spa, Khanyi’s Glow.

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With three branches in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town – Khanyi, as she is affectionately known, has also managed to create jobs for a total of 30 employees who are all women.

Speaking to TRUELOVE, Khanyi – who is also a Sangoma and a traditional healer – says looking good and feeling confident is also good for the soul.

“My mission is to dig deep to find solutions suitable for Black skin because I believe that looking good doesn’t just transcend physicality, as the effects of self-consciousness can damage you spiritually and lower your self-esteem” , she tells us.

“That’s why I saw the need to create products that can help black people shine, regain their confidence and be in tune with themselves,” she continues.

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Khanyi tells us more about her entrepreneurial journey, skincare products and being guided by her ancestors.

A holistic approach to healing

Khanyi’s Glow products are organic, cruelty-free and include products such as peel-off masks, serums, toners, stretch mark creams, face and body creams, and soaps.

“We manufacture natural African skincare products and offer services to satisfy all skin concerns, from very sensitive skin to the most difficult skin types. We offer a holistic approach in treating the most challenging native skins,” shares Khanyi.

“I am a healer and most of the ingredients I invent are the result of advice I received from ancestors to heal people. We believe more in a holistic approach to treatment and the products are made around that,” she continues.

To be guided by the ancestors

Although the entrepreneur holds a degree in marketing from Mangosuthu University of Technology, she has not received any formal training for her business. She says her ancestors have been a guide, especially in formulating her products.

“For me, it’s more of a gift because I dream of these formulas for my products. My journey is guided by my ancestors. This is my gift from my ancestors. However, I support myself with the best team of professionals. I hire very qualified people with degrees in fields such as somatology, dermatology and skin care. Others are still pursuing their studies at the moment,” she says.

Khanyi Ngcobo with its products. (Photo: Provided to TRUELOVE)

And that’s exactly what she says makes her beauty spa so unique from the rest.

“Khanyi’s Glow is basically a product of my calling. My gift is to heal in any way possible using my hands. It has dramatically improved my business as the Khanyi’s Glow experience is way above just a client coming in for a skin treatment. As you may know, some of these skin diseases are not natural and can be inflicted on you, so we also end up giving consultations that have healing significance beyond the skin and people come to us because of that,” she explains.

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Venture into business

According to Khanyi, entrepreneurship is something that has always been in her blood since she was a young girl.

“I was always entrepreneurial from an early age and sold things to my peers and eventually co-workers. So, I could say that entrepreneurship is in my blood,” she reveals.

“My entrepreneurial journey dates back to when I realized I had a gift as a sangoma four years ago. Being a sangoma means I am a healer and Khanyi’s Glow would give me that ability to help people. others,” she continues, before explaining why the beauty industry was her ideal business venture.

“The beauty industry was ideal for me because it always helps me heal people. With me being a sangoma, the most important thing is the ability to give people that confidence they need long before any treatment. skin and I was able to do it as a spiritually gifted person, so it made sense for me to continue venturing into the beauty industry.

And as with any other business, the entrepreneur encountered challenges and managed to overcome them.

“Running a business is not easy, and running a spa is no exception. I knew I had to face a number of challenges which would undoubtedly become frustrating. However, I’m lucky that I didn’t face many challenges from the beginning. This is why we are even able to open other branches/spas even though we have only been in the industry for two years,” she shares before revealing that the secret to running a successful business is to be bold.

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“A good entrepreneur is bold. In many ways, becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business is scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Many successful entrepreneurs have started their own business while working another job to pay the bills. There’s no shame in starting small. Just start,” she says.

And even though she’s only been in the beauty industry for two years, the hopeful entrepreneur is sure her business will reach even greater heights.

“I see Khanyi’s Glow as a great center that continues to provide solutions to indigenous skin issues. More importantly, over the next five years, I see us expanding into other cities and provinces to meet the ever-growing market in those areas. This will hopefully allow us to create more impact by creating jobs across South Africa,” she concludes.

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