Jyotsna Reddy’s GlamHour beauty brand to add more in Indian beauty landscape

If there’s one beauty trend that everyone is following these days, it’s the use of hybrid products. With the stress racing through our minds due to the novel COVID-19, the last thing we want is to wear makeup.

But what could be better than a dual-action cosmetic product that also takes care of our skin? The hybrid makeup-skincare trend is making the rounds on the web and for good reason. Makeup-skin hybrids are designed to offer the best of both worlds. These products give you soft, matte coverage, glowing cheeks, and everything else that delivers the perfect color and coverage while encompassing skincare benefits. In short, hybrids bridge the gap between makeup and skincare so you can wear makeup all day, every day without having skin issues.

And don’t be surprised if we say that most hybrid products help achieve “skinmalism”. That means you can achieve barely-there mascara, natural-looking flushed cheeks, and sheer skin tones with these beauty must-haves. The highlights of these must-have nourishing ingredients are vegetable butters, vegetable waxes and other active extracts. These ingredients work to boost hydration and product performance.

Want makeup-skin hybrids that can satisfy your skincare needs while providing flawless coverage? Count on Glam Hour’s exclusive line of hybrid products that deliver holistic skincare benefits. The goal of these products is to create more beautiful complexions while helping to achieve healthier skin. Using these hybrids means knowing you’re getting flawless coverage with foundation while nourishing your skin to support its health.

GlamHour is an Inclusive cosmetics brand. Co-founded by Asian social media personality Jyotsna Reddy, the brand aims to deliver innovative, cutting-edge products with skin-loving ingredients. With inclusion and quality as its main inspiration, it further aims to meet the unmet needs of diverse communities. Jyotsna is imbued to drive unexpected experiences that disrupt beauty standards and uphold self-expression.

This inclusive beauty brand aims to revamp the Indian beauty industry with various product innovations. Along with its commitment to providing high quality makeup and skincare products, GlamHour is high performance makeup. All makeup products are free of harmful actives, dyes and other toxic ingredients.

So if you want to look your best while doing what’s best for your skin, buy from GlamHour.