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Most people I meet still have a hard time understanding which sunscreen to use for their skin, when to apply it, what is the ideal SPF to buy, and when to apply it! The basic rules to follow when buying sunscreen are to buy something that suits your skin type – I recommend a moisturizer with a higher SPF for dry skin and an oil-free one, if you have combination or oily skin.

Always apply sunscreen after swimming. Also cover all exposed areas of your body, not just your face, to protect it from strong and harmful UV rays.

I’ve seen people suffer sun damage from unprotected skin and I’m not just talking about tanning.

The following article will help you understand how to take care of your skin naturally and how to treat sun damaged skin.

The fight against prickly heat

The most common cause is blocked sweat glands as well as friction in skin folds due to sweat and moisture. It can be very painful and you may feel a burning sensation. People who wear synthetic fibers or clothing often suffer from prickly rashes. The first things to remember in such cases are to air the area with rashes and spray it with cold water. Leave the skin uncovered for a while and dust the area with sandalwood powder and talcum powder. Spreading fresh aloe vera on the skin will also soothe it. Always wear loose cotton clothing in summer that allows the skin to breathe.

Treat sunburn

Standing in the sun for even less than 15 minutes can cause dark, painful patches. The strong UV rays can cause the skin to worsen, which may turn reddish. Already dehydrated and dry skin should be handled with great care and nothing should be done to make it worse. Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to cold bath water. Let your skin absorb it. In fact, internal hydration will also help drinking plenty of water as well as lime water. Avoid using soap on the skin as it dries it out further. Grated cucumber applied to the skin will also help soothe it. Aloe vera gel can be applied externally on sunburns as it will not only soothe the skin but also heal the damaged epidermis.

I have seen amazing results from applying honey to the skin – honey is a natural antibiotic that also softens hardened skin.

Take care of skin peeling

Excessively damaged skin caused by sunburn can lead to peeling skin, which can be extremely painful. Soak a cotton cloth in cold water and use it as a cold compress on the skin. Apply coconut oil to the peeling area; this will soothe the skin and help moisturize it. Do not rub or use ice on this area, no matter how hot it may feel.

Yogurt applied to sunburned skin will also help cool and soothe it. Treat your skin with the utmost gentleness.

More skin thickening

The strong UV rays of the sun can cause both thickening and drying of the skin, which can then lead to wrinkles and aging. If you’re not using sunscreen, it’s time to start doing it. Use a cactus-based cream on the skin. Cold fresh cream can also help the skin. Apply a thick layer on the skin like a ‘lep’ [coating] and leave it for the skin to nourish. You will notice that it slowly disappears into the skin. This super food for the skin will help you instantly. Once absorbed into the skin, wash off with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Simple blackhead treatment

Overexposure to the sun can lead to black spots, especially on the face, which can be a concern. There are some wonderful natural ingredients that will treat this and help clear up the skin. Wipe your skin with a cotton ball soaked in buttermilk. Leave on for about 15 minutes and rinse. You can also use 2 teaspoons of rolled oats to which you have added creamed whole milk. Apply to skin and rinse. Blackheads need to be treated gently and regularly to get results.

Now that you know the effects of sun damage and how to treat it, use these simple yet effective recipes in your daily life and see the amazing results.

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