“I Tried the $2,000 Beauty Treatment That Promises Firmer Skin Instantly”

Ultraformer III offers an advanced non-surgical solution for skin tightening.
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Like every other human being on this planet, I’d give anything for firmer, glowing skin — and believe me, even the influencers you follow who seem to have glass, porcelain, and airbrushed skin. are exactly in the same boat. But, like most people, every esthetician and dermatologist I spoke to told me that I could never achieve this fully without surgery. Even then, as the true skincare addict that I am, I refused to give up trying anything and everything that promised the possibility of firmer, younger-looking skin. My latest adventure: Ultraformer III.

People seem to be incredibly leery of “non-surgical skin tightening” because most of the time it can be a huge waste of money. As someone who thought absolutely the same, but had also heard rave reviews about the Ultraformer III treatment, I couldn’t help but give it a try.

In the most basic sense, the Ultraformer III treatment is a completely non-invasive facial lifting and tightening, firming and body contouring device that provides a personalized treatment procedure for the entire face, neck and neck. body. It works by projecting uniform ultrasound beams directly onto multiple layers beneath the skin to promote tighter collagen formation, tissue contraction, and reduction in the volume of fat cells that form bulging areas of tissue.

“The Ultraformer uses HIFU technology to firm the skin, regain facial contours and restore a youthful, restored appearance. This treatment is best suited for people who want to firm and sculpt their skin, or treat fine lines and wrinkles, in a non invasive,” says Shaun Connolly, National Sales Manager for Cryomed Aesthetics.

Here are some of the results I felt after my treatment.

It wasn’t as painful as I thought

Even though the machine uses ultrasonic heat to break through the multiple layers of
skin tissue, it felt more like a tingle than a burn (much like someone pressing lightly on a bruise), and the pain never went above 6/10.

My technician talked to me about the different layers of discomfort I would feel on my face and made me feel incredibly comfortable the entire time.

It was super fast

You don’t need to prep your skin before treatment and there’s no aftercare! Hooray!

My treatment lasted about 30 minutes including the consultation and it flew off. After the treatment, my skin was sore to the touch, especially around my jawline (we targeted my neck and cheekbones) and it lasted for about a week.

It’s expensive, but it’s an investment

When I first realized how great the treatment was, I was a little surprised. About $2,000 for 30 minutes? Surely not.

Well, after talking to the tech it made a lot more sense. The Ultraformer III is incredibly intricate in the way it specifically heats the layers of the dermal and superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS), which essentially triggers your collagen turnover without any actual injury. This actually means that over time (she said around 3-6 months) you will continue to see better results.

Basically, you can do the treatment once a year, and that would be more than enough.

It’s a “set it and forget it” beauty treatment, perfect for when life gets busy.

I could see the results right away – and they are still coming

Before the treatment, my technician took a picture of my face, and we looked at the difference right after the treatment – it was amazing. My face felt ripped off (for lack of a better word) and beamed.

Now, a month later, I can definitely notice more definition under my neck, and I can’t wait to see how much it will change again in a few months.

All in all, I can honestly say that I’ve personally spent over $2,000 on beauty products and treatments in the past year. In just one month, I got better tightening results with this than ever with any skincare product I’ve used or facial treatment I’ve received.

You can read more about the treatment here.