I Followed Euphoria’s Cassie’s 4 AM Skincare Routine, Here’s My Review

My love for Zendaya and peer pressure from my best Gen Z friends made me watch Euphoria and instantly fell in love with the show. Like others, while I adored the camera work, the impeccable acting skills, and the young-adult plot, it was the makeup and styling that got me talking. The latest season of the show, in particular, focused on the high school beauty and wellness part.

Sydney Sweeney, who I now love by the way, woke up at 4am every morning and religiously went through a skincare routine while playing Cassie. As someone with adult acne, pimples that pop before an important dinner, and blemishes that refuse to fade, I was in awe of her. So, I decided to try her skin care routine and the results did not disappoint me.

Although I haven’t woke up at 4 like her because I haven’t found my Nate Jacob yet, I started at 8 and gave my skin 30-35 minutes each for a full week . The logic to get the results is simple in fact, if you love your skin it will love you too. Below I mentioned what my Cassie inspired morning skincare routine is and if you liked the show just one bit, you need to check it out.

I first started by washing my face with cold water. This was to reduce bags under the eyes and on the cheeks. Review: It was a good start to the day. It helped me wake up and prepare my skin for the day.

Cassie39s 4am Skincare Routine
Cassie’s 4 a.m. skincare routine

I then applied eye patches and deflated my face with ice cream (the roller was an expensive purchase).

Review: If you work late at night like me, you may wake up with dark circles and a puffy face. This step is good for driving exhaustion out of your face.

I followed this step with a little gua sha stone massage. Cassie in the show uses jade rollers, a gold face massager, a T-shaped massager, so I decided to use what I had as they serve a similar purpose. They give your face more definition and also a lymphatic massage.

Review: The approach is therapeutic. The massage helped me relax before work and also helped me get the glow back.

Cassie39s 4am Skincare Routine
Cassie’s 4 a.m. skincare routine

Post massage on face and neck with gua sha stone, I was ready to put on a face mask.

Review: I found this step expensive and unfriendly. Cassie could have avoided using so much product on her skin every day.

The treatment then concluded with a shower and rigorous application of lotion all over the body. In all honesty, the routine helped me prepare for the day and look forward to it. However, you can’t find yourself following a routine for 30 minutes every morning.

You see the results, yes. Shine is restored, skin is less fatigued and more even, it looks more defined and you get the natural rosy glow, but are you ready to add this to your to-do list for the rest of your life?

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