How to use a blackhead brush, from a skincare expert

In a recent TikTok video, Lamm picks up Korean brand NACIFIC’s Blackhead All Kill Pack, squeezes some product onto a small toothbrush (dubbed the All Kill Brush), then gently brushes his nose and around his nose for a while. minute. After rinsing, the skin appears noticeably clearer and the dark spots practically disappear. Sounds too good to be true, right?

In fact, the scrub itself uses some popular ingredients to target clogged pores that can provide instantly gratifying results. For example, there’s charcoal powder (a common ingredient in many blackhead removers), which sucks all that oil, dirt, and dead skin into its pores, flushing it out of yours. There are also black sesame seed, black bean and black rice extracts to further cleanse the skin, as well as aloe vera and green tea extracts to keep the formula moisturizing and non-irritating.

As for the brush, it’s not your ordinary silicone scrubber: think of it as a really soft toothbrush, specially designed for your skin. It contains 12,000 (yes, really) soft micro bristles to gently remove waste from pores without aggravating them. Basically, it can help loosen those really stubborn blackheads that a regular charcoal mask can’t seem to get rid of.

Seems way more effective than a pore strip (IMO), assuming you use light pressure. As mbg board-certified dermatologist Hadley King once said, “Pore strips can temporarily slough off the top layers of dead skin cells, but they won’t do anything to prevent the build-up of black spots.” Additionally, “the adhesive can traumatize the skin,” she notes. To get to the root of those plugs, a good exfoliation routine is your best bet — and if you need extra help loosening them, maybe pick up the blackhead brush.