How to look younger: 60-year-old woman ‘feels alive again’ after facial

Julie, 60, decided to go for an all-over skin booster to give herself a much needed boost during a very difficult time. She told how it sent her confidence skyrocketing.

Like many of us, Julie has struggled tremendously during nationwide shutdowns during the pandemic.

But what made it even more difficult was that she ended up contracting Covid and then suffered a long Covid.

Even when the nation was encouraged to start socializing again, Julie often felt too tired to leave the house.

When she heard about Ciao Bella Aesthetics, she decided to take the plunge and book a skin booster.

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Even if the long Covid tires her easily, she wants to go out more than ever.

She said to herself: “Let’s go for a little walk, air my beautiful and beautiful face a little.”

Julie was extremely happy with her “fit” due to her super natural look, but she did offer some tips for young people looking to alter their looks.

She warned: “Do your research but please use a proper aesthetic clinic like Ciao Bella.

“I don’t think people should have their lips way too big, it doesn’t look good.

“Do it by all means, but put 0.5ml in it, not 2.5ml and look like a trout pout.”