How Primer benefits the skin as well as your makeup

So why wear a base if you don’t wear makeup?

Before starting Youthforia, Chan attended a makeup school in Asia. “Over there they really hammer ‘you have to wear a primer every day no matter what you do’ and part of that is to help keep your skin healthy but also because of the insane amount of pollution the low.”

It’s something Chan noticed in her own skin, saying that if she forgot to wear a primer or something to protect her skin, she would constantly break out.

And while the level of pollution is different in Australia, it makes the case that primer has a purpose even on makeup-free days. Some are even full of antioxidants, which can provide another layer of protection to complement your skincare routine (after SPF of course).

However, it’s important to note that the primer Chan is talking about is silicone-free.

“Silicone is interesting because it’s really great for filling pores,” she says. “And it’s great on camera for about 10 minutes, but it’s not so great for making your makeup last.” Yes, our minds were blown too.

“What we use instead [of silicone] is what is called elastomers of vegetable origin, [which are] like stretchy molecules that create a flexible layer for your makeup to bond to.

And, you guessed it, these elastomers are gentle on your skin.

Convinced? Here are 3 silicone-free primers to try…