Here’s how the Secret Garden star looks young at 43

Fans could see the youthful beauty of Ha Ji Won as she is set to return to the small screen with a return to Kdrama.

The South Korean beauty recently confirmed her appearance for the upcoming drama series Reminder.

Originally titled Trees die standing, Ha Ji Won will join the star-studded cast starting with Best Actor Baeksang Arts Winner 2020 Kang Ha Neul.

Moreover, the reminder The cast also includes one of South Korea’s prides and Oscar winners, Youn Yuh Jung, alongside veteran actor Sung Dong Il and K-drama idol Jung Hae In.

As the actress gears up for her comeback, there’s no denying she’s one of the stars of OG Hallyu with a timeless, youthful beauty. Apparently, it’s all down to Ha Ji Won’s unique and easy skincare.

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Ha Ji Won Skin Care Routine

In a previous interview with Secret garden star with Access Showbiz Tonightshe was asked about her beauty secrets and how she maintains that fresh and vibrant aura.

As obtained by Hindu Times, Ha Ji Won’s skincare includes some interesting routines.

For the actress, she mentioned that laughing a lot helps her face tighten up, which means less stress and fewer wrinkles.

Additionally, she also admitted that she has a weird obsession with lemons.

“Eating lemons is also my secret,” she said, adding, “I eat three lemons a day. Since lemons are sour, it has the effect of lifting my face and preventing wrinkles.

Whether it’s laughing or eating lemons, another skincare staple ha Ji Won is a face mask that she uses every day.

In addition, the actress also prefers a minimum of makeup to let her skin breathe, especially when she is not at work.

Interestingly, this is also the reason why she looked like she was in her twenties when she really is 43.

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