Hello Perfect and Shecluded tackle Nigerian women’s skin issues

Age plays an important role in women’s skin problems. As a general rule, a woman should start taking care of her skin at the age of 35. As women age, they care more about their skin as it undergoes changes. If not well cared for in young people, their skin looks groggy and veiny.

According to a study conducted by dermatologists, when it comes to skincare, many women worry about acne, oiliness, uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and loss of radiance. and many do not know what to do about it.

When asked what is the biggest skin challenge that Nigerian women face, Onyeka UgwuHello Perfect’s CEO said acne and hyperpigmentation were the main issues.

An easy fix for women is to eat right, drink water, and use sunscreen and collagen products.

Skin care is specific to each person. We don’t all have the same problems and our solutions are different.

Laura, a 30-year-old woman, battling dark spots and hyperpigmentation. To fix it, she visits different Instagram salespeople who promise to take away all her skin care worries without really helping her. When she buys a skincare product online, her skin notoriously whitens and she quickly finds out that she is allergic to it.

Lack of diagnosis is a scourge in Nigeria. People use stereotypical soaps and lotions instead of specifically treating their conditions.

Another issue that Nigerian women face is access to skincare experts, not self-proclaimed bleaching agents. Having your skin evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist is essential when you’re dealing with skin-related issues.

To provide a solution to women’s skincare problems, Hello Perfect, a medical skincare, aesthetic and laser clinic, has partnered with Shecluded, a fintech company that provides growth loans, business support, asset building tools and financial education for African women to create a new beauty service called Pay Perfect.

Pay Perfect offers women (and men) a way to finance their beauty needs and desires at a low interest rate of 4%. The idea is to have Shecluded pay for your beauty needs in bulk, relieving you of financial stress by paying at your own pace.

This accessibility to luxury beauty services can be life-changing for a woman by effectively boosting her confidence and positively impacting her mental and emotional well-being, and this is at the heart of what Pay Perfect aims to achieve. .