Health Fairs by 365 Health, formerly 9Health Fair, returning September 24-November 19

Preventative health screenings will be offered at more than 25 locations across Colorado

9Health Fair is now 365 Health, and as it has for more than 40 years, the nonprofit organization will hold its annual fall health fairs starting Saturday, September 24 and running through Saturday, November 19 in 28 locations across Colorado.

“The legacy and deep connection to the community first established by 9Health Fair more than 40 years ago has grown today to include services, tools and resources that help Coloradans stay healthy. health 365 days a year, and the 365 Health name better represents our organization and its expanded suite of offerings,” said Gary Drews, CEO of 365 Health. “Nevertheless, community health fairs remain a vital part of our mission to positively impact the health of Coloradans, and we’re excited to once again host fairs across Colorado this fall.”

365 Health’s health fairs provide access to free and affordable preventative health screenings and resources, advancing health awareness and empowering attendees to take responsibility for their own health by educating and making smart health decisions for the future.

For more information about 365 Health’s health fairs and a complete list of locations, dates, times and available health fair screenings at each location, visit -rentals/.

Free adult health screenings offered at health fairs by 365 Health vary by location and may include vaccinations for COVID-19 and seasonal flu, blood pressure and height/weight/BMI checks, lung function, diabetes risk assessment, oral health, hearing, sleep apnea and skin exams, among others.

Affordable and convenient screenings offered may also include:

  • Blood Chemistry (Heart, Kidney, Liver and Overall Health Indicator) – $45
  • Hemoglobin A1C (type 2 diabetes) – $35
  • Vitamin D (strong bones, healthy immune function) – $60
  • Blood cell count (identifying the number of infection-fighting white blood cells, oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood) – $30
  • Vitamin B12 (maintains a good nervous system, healthy immune function) – $25
  • HsCRP (measure of overall inflammation, risk of developing cardiovascular disease) – $40
  • Blood type – $35

Some free health screenings and exams may also be available for children, including blood pressure and height/weight/BMI checks, hearing, vision and oral health.

Health professionals will be on hand to offer advice and assistance and help participants choose the screenings that are right for them.

“Many postponed or skipped preventative health care during COVID-19, and we continue to see a decline in preventative care and screenings compared to before the pandemic,” Drews added. “Health checkups are essential for maintaining good health, avoiding future problems or catching them early when they are easier to treat, and with rising healthcare costs, these free and affordable health checkups are a necessary resource for Coloradans who may not have access to preventative care. health care or who have high deductible insurance plans or no insurance at all.

For those unable to attend a health fair, 365 Health and Quest Diagnostics have partnered to offer the same affordable health screenings at Quest Diagnostics Lab (PSC) patient centers located throughout Colorado. No doctor visit or insurance is necessary.

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, health fair volunteers will be required to wear masks, and attendees are encouraged to do so as well. Although walk-in screenings are accepted, appointments are recommended.