Health camp organized in Hazaribag Jheel

A health camp was organized in Hazaribag Jheel, by GM Diagnostics & Polyclinic Hazaribag. In which apart from blood pressure, sugar, blood type, malaria, typhoid, all types of tests were done at cheap rates. Advice was given to all patients of this check-up camp.Dr. Rohit Kumar said that at present, if everyone pays special attention to food and drink and pays special attention to yoga, pranayama, then they can get rid of all diseases.

Students from GM College of Medical Science, Ichak fully cooperated in the investigation camp. Sujit Kumar, Director of GM Diagnostics Hazaribag said all types of treatment and all types of tests are available at our hospital at low cost. All of these doctors at our hospital treat patients of all types every day.

Dr. Rohit Kumar Physiotherapy, Dr. Shikha Khandelwal Obstetrician, Dr. Rakesh Kumar General Practitioner Sugar and Heart Specialist, Dr. Mrityunjay Kumar Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Mantu Kumar General Physician, Dr. MA Afzal Orthopedics and General Besides Physician, Dr. M. Kumar Pediatrician Disease of Skin, Dr. Prithvi Raj Alternative Therapist, Dr. Manoj Kumar Health Advisor, when the time comes, more doctors are called for treatment.Dr. Rohit Kumar praised the GM Diagnostic Center and said that this kind of trial camp helps the poor, which is a good initiative for the society. Richa Mishra, Vikrant Lal, Harish, Akhilesh Yadav, Mukul, Praveen Shimi, Dinesh Mandal, Suraj Kumar, Manoj Rana fully cooperated to make this investigation camp a success.