Health Benefits of Black Seeds (Kalijira)

Since childhood we have heard of magic health benefits of Kalijira. Can it really cure everything?

Kalijira is also known as black cumin, kalonji, black cumin jeera and black cumin seeds. Kalijira, whose scientific name is ‘Nigella Sativa’ and English name is ‘black cumin’ is an annual flowering plant. It reaches a height of 25-40 cm, and its fruit has 3-7 follicles, each of which contains many seeds. The peoples of Western Europe, Africa and Western Asia have used it for years as a flavoring food and for medicinal purposes. It is a powerhouse of amino acids, iron, sodium, calcium and potassium as well as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B12, niacin and vitamin C. Keep scrolling to find out Health Benefits, Nutrients, Uses and Side Effects of Kalijira (Black Seed).

Nutritional values ​​of Kalijira

Nutritional elements in black seeds – Per 100 grams

Calories 375 calories

Protein 17.81g

Total fat 22.27 g

Saturated fat 1.5g

Monounsaturated fat 14.04g

Polyunsaturated fat 3.27g

Carbohydrates 44.24g

10.5g fiber

Sugars 2.25g

Sodium 168mg

Calcium 931mg

Phosphorus 499 mg

Iron 66.36mg

Potassium 1788mg

Vitamin A 64 IU

Vitamin C 7.7mg

Vitamin E 3.33mg

Vitamin K 5.4mcg

Top 17 Health Benefits of Kalijira

Prevents diabetes

The first and main function of Kalijira seeds is the prevention of diabetes. Ayurveda says that these seeds prevent a sudden increase in blood sugar levels. Also, black seeds can prevent other symptoms caused by diabetes, such as excessive thirst, fatigue, and confusion.

By regularly consuming Kalinjira oil, seeds or supplements, one can improve fasting blood sugar levels and also develop insulin resistance.

To lower blood sugar levels, simply add a quarter teaspoon of Kalijira oil to a cup of black tea and drink it on an empty stomach.

Heals stomach ulcers

Stomach ulcers are painful and these sores damage the stomach lining. Researchers have shown that consuming black seeds can reduce the risk of stomach ulcers and also protect the stomach lining from the harmful effects of alcohol. In addition, eating black seeds helps digestion.

Protects the liver

Kalijira contains amazing elements and compounds that preserve the liver from toxicity. Black seeds help regulate the functions of liver metabolism, processing nutrients and minerals important for health.

Daily intake of Kalonji seeds or oil reduces liver toxicity. Also, it acts as a protection for both the liver and the kidneys.

Reduces inflammation

Chronic inflammation is responsible for various health disorders. It interferes with bodily functions. Kalinjira contains an active compound, thymoquinone, which helps reduce inflammation in parts of the body, including the pancreas. Ayurveda recommends consuming Kalijira oil daily to reduce inflammation.

Lowers cholesterol

Bad cholesterol or LDL causes heart disease. The National Institute of Health published a study that by using Kalonji oil, you can lower bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. In addition, black seeds improve HDL or good cholesterol.

Anti-cancer properties

Kalijira is the reservoir of antioxidants. These antioxidants help neutralize free radicals that can cause different types of cancer.

The anticancer properties of thymoquinone inactivate cancer cells and work against pancreatic, lung, cervical and breast cancers.

Defend Bacteria

Black seed powder exhibits antibacterial properties and can effectively fight certain types of bacteria.

It also works to defend against infections caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, especially in people with diabetes.

Increases memory

The elderly face problems of memory loss and cognitive impairment. Ayurveda suggests taking Kalonji oil or seed powder with mint leaves to boost memory and prevent neurological disorders like dementia, Alzheimer’s etc.

Articular pain

Black seed powder cures joint pain by providing lubrication between the joints. The active compounds in the seed help smooth movement of bone joints.

Mix ½ spoon of Kalijira oil with half a spoon of honey in a cup of vinegar and apply it on the joints twice a day for relief if you suffer from problems such as stiffness, swelling and pain in the joints.

strong teeth

Want to have strong teeth and gums, just chew a few black seeds daily. If you are suffering from swollen gums, bleeding gums and premature tooth loss, you can take black seeds regularly which will serve as an instant remedy.

On the other hand, you can mix ½ teaspoon of Kalijira oil or powder in curd and apply it on the gums to reduce toothache.

Heals hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, cause sharp pain in the rectal area and Kalijira serves as an instant remedy to treat it.

Black seeds have laxative properties that add bulk to stools and naturally treat constipation.

Taking Kalijira seed powder with black tea on an empty stomach can ease bowel movements.

Take an equal amount of Kalonji oil and vinegar, warm it slightly and apply it on the affected areas for instant pain relief.

Soothes cracked heels

Most people suffer from cracked heels and the reasons of obesity, ill-fitting shoes and lack of moisture are responsible for these ugly and painful cracks on the sole. You can heal cracked heels by rubbing black seed powder or oil on the affected area.

Remedies for Menstrual Problems

Women in the stage of menstruation suffer from premenstrual syndrome. Some women may experience intense abdominal pain while others may have to deal with an irregular cycle.

Black seed oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help manage abdominal cramps or spasms associated with the menstrual cycle and also ensure even blood circulation.

Promotes fertility in women

Traditionally, black seed oil is used to boost fertility. Studies have shown that kalonji seeds are beneficial in stimulating ovarian function and ovulation in women with PCOS and promoting fertility in women.

Increases energy

Taking a spoonful of black seed powder in your daily diet can improve immunity and provide energy to fight various infections.

Kalijira is a natural immune booster. According to some studies, these tiny seeds boost metabolism and help you get rid of laziness.

Improves sexual health in men

Research has found black seed oil to be a proven natural remedy for improving fertility in men. This amazing oil helps boost men’s sexual health by increasing sperm count and quality, improving sperm motility, balancing hormone levels, and increasing semen volume.

Skin and hair care

Black Seeds have over 100 medicinal properties and are loaded with organic acids, ingredients to take care of your skin and hair every day.

Some research shows that black seed oil may benefit skin conditions like acne due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Additionally, the antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of black seed help in caring for the hair. You can add it to your hair masks and shampoos.

Kalijira Side Effects

Naturally, Kalijira has no side effects. But, if you take it in large quantities, it can lead to:

  • low blood sugar

  • Its effect is unclear for nursing mothers. It is therefore wise to avoid Kalijira while breastfeeding. kalonji can interfere with your blood clotting process during or after surgery.

  • In some people, Kalijira can cause an allergic reaction when applied to the skin.

  • As clinical data is not available, it is difficult to recommend Kalijira as a standard treatment for various medical conditions.

How to use Kalijira

Kalijira has versatile applications in food, skin care, and other purposes.

Buy black seed oil or processed seeds. Take a teaspoon of black seeds twice a day.

Before ingestion, heat the seeds. Then, grind the seeds and place the powder in an airtight container.

Mix black seed oil with honey.

Make nigella water.

Mix black seed oil with yogurt.

Add black seeds to food.

Massage black seed oil into your skin.

Rub black seed oil on your chest.

Rub the oil on your temples.


Undoubtedly, kalijira (black seed) is an excellent herbal ingredient linked with a variety of health and beauty benefits. It is also easy to obtain. However, if you experience any side effects, use it after consulting your doctor.