Fresno Medical Spa offers in-home light therapy treatment

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Light therapy is slowly becoming a popular beauty treatment for those looking to manage a variety of skin conditions.

A medical spa in northeast Fresno now offers the Celluma LED Light Therapy treatment in the comfort of your own home.

LED light therapy has been around for years, but before gaining popularity on Earth, it was used in space to treat astronauts.

“It was created for NASA, and then they ended up getting a more aesthetic patent,” Revay Plunkett explained.

Plunkett is the owner of Revay Aesthetics, where patients can receive Celluma LED light therapy after any treatment.

“That’s a lot of families, honestly,” Plunkett said. “One of them uses it for one thing, and maybe the kids use it for something else.”

The treatment is for anyone suffering from acne, wrinkles, muscle pain, inflammation or hair loss.

“You want the light to be as close to your skin as possible to make it most effective,” Plunkett said.

The device can be placed on the face, legs, chest, back or head – wherever needed.

The lightweight panel emits wavelengths of light, which rapidly improve cellular health by repairing and restoring cells.

“Depending on what kind of wavelength they’re on, different lights are activated,” Plunkett said.

The treatment lasts 20 minutes, and according to Plunkett, it is painless.

“It’s really calming,” she said. “So most of the time when I put it on my face, I fall asleep.”

This treatment can now be done at home.

The panel device is expensive, but Plunkett said it was effective in keeping skin healthy.

“Not everyone wants to get stung or have lasers,” she said. “It at least gives you some benefits not only to do it at home, but also to see these skin benefits like reduced inflammation. Inflammation is what ages us, whether it’s on the inside of the body or more superficially.”

For more information on Celluma Light Therapy, visit the Revay Aesthetics website.

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