Felisha Cosmetics unveils its new product line in the recently concluded Cosmoprof

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: Business Wire India Felisha, a leading cosmetics company founded by Mr. PraveshKanther in 2019, participated in Cosmoprof, India’s largest cosmetics exhibition which recently concluded, which was is held at the Jio World Convention Center. Felisha currently holds three brands under her wings – Urban Veda, Color Fx and Skin Fx. Urban Veda is a renowned brand from UK, founded by Mr. Sheilesh Shah. Visionaries of the cosmetics industry, Mr Pravesh and Mr Sheilesh were present at Cosmoprof to exhibit the brands.

Felisha Cosmetics is the pioneer in introducing innovative products into new categories unexplored by its contemporaries. This makes Felisha a breakthrough cosmetics company in the Indian beauty market. Cosmoprof has become the perfect launching pad for Felisha by unveiling her new range of nail care and enamels from Color Fx. The ranges are curated keeping in mind the trendy nail game with premium quality. Felisha also announced a specially curated line of face serums, Superfood Face Elixir, under the Skin Fx label. These serums contain key ingredients that target skin concerns such as pigmentation, acne, dark spots, dry skin, etc.

Urban Veda’s unique and extensive bath and body line was the highlight of Felisha’s exhibit. An interactive section has been set up especially for attendees to give them a first-hand experience of the products.

Sheilesh Shah, Founder of Urban Veda, highlights USP brands and shares, “I have always been inspired by our ancient traditional remedies. At Urban Veda, we have recreated them with a modern twist. We’ve formulated products that help skin resist pollution, leaving it less vulnerable to dehydration, dullness, stress and the urban environment. Urban Veda is an award-winning natural Ayurvedic skincare collection created to effortlessly tackle 21st century skin concerns. Pravesh Kanther, Founder and CEO of Felisha Cosmetics, says, “Felisha Cosmetics was launched just before the pandemic, and we have since been looking for a great platform to showcase our quality products. Cosmoprof is a large-scale B2B event which makes it the perfect stage to not only stay strong and make your mark in the beauty community, but also to generate B2B leads to further grow our business. The three-day exhibition ended successfully and I am delighted that Felisha Cosmetics used the exhibition seamlessly to showcase its products and unveil its new launches. Felisha Cosmetics will soon be launching over 20 new products with the aim of changing the face of the cosmetics industry. The brand mainly aims to make cosmetics and skincare affordable without compromising on quality.

Felisha Cosmetics is distinguished by its attention to detail keeping in mind the interest of its end consumers and the environment. About Felisha Cosmetics Launched in 2019, Felisha Cosmetics is a revolutionary and responsible cosmetics and skincare company. With two SBUs and an exclusive marketing and distribution contract, Felisha Cosmetics is an industry expert in launching international brands in India. The three brands under its wing are Color Fx, Urban Veda, and Skin Fx. Color Fx’s current offerings are nail polish, kajal, and eyeliner. A nail care line will soon be launched. Urban Veda is a UK based brand that offers a wide variety of bath and body products that follow the holistic principles of Ayurveda whilst keeping the needs of the modern user in mind. Skin Fx is a skincare brand that currently offers sheet masks. An exciting range of face serums will soon be launched. While the USPs of each brand and product vary, Felisha’s overall concept is to be a responsible company, not only for users but also for the environment. They provide vegan and cruelty-free products that are free from toxins and ingredients that can harm users. To see the image, click on the link below: (LR) NavinBangaruswamy, AdinathPatare, Chinmay Salvi, Yogesh Jain, Heet Nagda, PraveshKanther – Founder and CEO Felisha Cosmetics, Maushmi Patel, Vaishali Bhojani Damani, Jahanvi Gandhi, Khushali Jobalia Shah, Riddhi Shah, Aarya Shirsat

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