Expert-led skin solutions to monsoon problems

Does the very idea of ​​going out during the monsoon scare you? With the arrival of the monsoon and the slow transition of summers, not only do we experience showers or temperature fluctuations, but also several skin problems. Since many people have worked remotely for about a year (or more), returning to a pre-pandemic work environment may require some preparation and mindset shifts, one of them being to take care of your skin.

When we return to the office, the increased sun exposure and sudden downpours can lead to dry, irritated skin, acne breakouts, tanning, sunburn, inflammation, and more. Hence, it becomes very important to tackle these itchy issues as they can lead to serious skin diseases and cause prolonged skin damage.

Cetaphil, an expert trusted brand has provided simple solutions to all your skin problems as the times change:

Irritated dry skin

The sun is great at wicking moisture away from surfaces, including our skin. This is why, after spending time in the sun, our skin is often dry and itchy. To prevent the drying effects of the sun, use a non-greasy, sweat-free moisturizer. You can also use it in combination with a moderate cooling cleanser.

Appearance of acne

Oily, clammy skin sets the stage for acne and pimples to develop. When you touch your sweaty face, germs and bacteria attach themselves to it, and as the pores open, these toxins close on the pores, get stuck inside and cause acne. Acne can be reduced by keeping the skin clean on a regular basis. Wear your face – wash with you at all times and clean it briefly at least three times a day or whenever you feel the need. You can try.

Sun tanning

Constant exposure to the sun, which is more common throughout the seasons, allows the skin to tan more easily. To protect your skin from tanning, try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Sunscreen is essential and vitamin C products can be added to your skincare routine to provide complete UV and infrared protection.

oily skin

With rising temperatures comes greater humidity, which further increases sebum production from the oil glands in your skin, giving you a shiny look and sought-after breakouts. If you don’t take care of your oily skin, your pores may become clogged and enlarged, leading to the accumulation of dead skin cells. Do not cleanse your skin more than three times a day, excessive cleansing loses much-needed moisture, keep applying moisturizer at regular intervals. This process should be enough to make the skin too oily.

heat buttons

Clogged sweat glands prevent the evaporation of sweat from the body, which causes tiny, itchy bumps on the skin, resulting in a rash. Many people experience a tingling sensation on their skin as the bumps rupture and release sweat. Wear light, loose cotton clothing. Keep yourself clean and bathe with antibacterial soap.