EVE captured worldwide attention

During the dry season, the skin quickly becomes dry and scaly. This is why it is important to apply moisturizer to protect the skin before it becomes too dry. In case of excess dead cells on the skin, it is advisable to use scrubs to remove them regularly. However, doing it the wrong way can damage the skin and lead to greater irritation.

WEERO, an exporter specializing in beauty equipment, launched EVE-Ace of Face to solve skin problems with dead skin cells. EVE is good for skin exfoliation and wrinkle lifting as beauty equipment designed for experts. With hydradermabrasion and microcurrent which effectively activate ATP to generate collagen, it does not cause any pain or irritation to your skin. Since it is equipped with three unique functions, such as medium-frequency EMS, a lifting technology that does not require recovery days, it can easily provide various procedures for users.

In particular, other existing products have limitations in their convenience and quality due to strong price competition. However, EVE has exceptionally improved convenience and manageability as well as security as it is frequently used.

The best feature of EVE is its security. Unlike general facelift technologies that cut or inject the skin, the advanced non-invasive procedure does not require additional recovery days and performs the procedure safely. In most cases, several procedures cause the skin to develop a tolerance. However, since EVE uses EMS and microcurrent, it can prevent it and greatly reduce the risk of skin necrosis.

It is also very resistant. Compared to other products using urethane hose, which causes corrosion with short replacement times, EVE uses industrial Teflon material to prevent corrosion from acidic solutions. Since it is durable and does not break down easily, it does not need to be replaced regularly.

Its functions are also excellent. It was co-developed with an Israeli doctor and offers specialized protocols allowing beginners to use the product easily according to their skin concerns and various procedures. The hands-free procedure helps reduce time, and with the muscle-targeting mid-frequency EMS mode, it can stimulate the skin from the dermis to the muscles to relax tense muscles and promote blood circulation.

An EVE manager who is in charge of sales said, “EVE is a new product integrating EMS with essential functions needed by aesthetic spas, skin care clinics and dermatology. He also added, “Since it can exhibit immediate effects on redness, elasticity and small wrinkles through exfoliation and wrinkle lifting, it is expected to become popular among consumers even for those who don’t don’t have enough time to recover.”

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