Estetica Needle Free Glass Skin Mesotherapy

Who needs injectables when you have this treatment?

Let’s be clear: we are in no way stopping targeted adjustments via botox, fillers and all that jazz. But injectables, for now at least, are our last resort. With innovations like Estetica’s new treatments, needles are the furthest thing from our minds.

If you’re new to Estetica, here’s a quick introduction. The Singaporean beauty brand places beauty cosmetic research at the forefront. Its powerful and intelligent formulations under its ést.lab brand are associated with high-tech creations such as the LumiGlow SmartSkin Buddy, its device that includes five functions, including cryotherapy and LED light therapy.

Estetica recently unveiled two new machine therapies: its Aqua Glow Therapy and Needle-Free Glass Skin Mesotherapy. After consultation and analysis of my skin, I only diagnose the latter because the former may prove to be too harsh for my sensitive skin.

This therapy was then paired with a personalized facial to gently exfoliate and soothe my skin. After a series of deep cleanings and manual extractions, we started needle-free mesotherapy. To prepare for it, my therapist first tries it close to my chest. Although the treatment is not painful, it can cause tiny jolts, like rapid bursts of oxygen.

It uses gas-liquid infiltration technology to infuse the active ingredients of the brand’s skin boosters deep into the layers of the skin. All of this happens at high speed without pain but just with a small amount of pressure. The treatment is intended to stimulate the production of collagen and the hydration of your skin. After finishing the treatment on half of my face, my therapist hands me a mirror and it’s impressive. My skin was visibly glowing, looking much brighter, and the redness on my cheeks had subsided.

I left Estetica with a much more radiant complexion and the contours of my face also clearer and lifted. In the weeks that followed, my skincare products also applied better, penetrating into my skin faster and also showed more obvious effects.

Estetica, several outlets including Parkway Parade and Plaza Singapura