Eczema Soap Skin Care Regimen for Itchy Skin – Treatment Report Released

Naples Soap Company, a natural skincare brand based in Naples, Florida, has released a report answering frequently asked questions about eczema and how to manage the condition.

The newly released report explains whether or not the skin condition is contagious, which soaps and treatments are most effective, and what foods and scenarios to avoid to prevent flare-ups.

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The latest article was published in response to the increase in the number of people struggling with eczema over the past 18 months due to improved hygiene and extensive hand washing practices that have become common .

A chronic skin condition considered an autoimmune disease, eczema affects more than 10% of the United States in one form or another. Presenting with inflamed, dry, red and itchy areas of skin, the condition is still incurable but can be effectively managed with a controlled diet and exposure to chemicals that can cause flare-ups.

The Naples Soap Company report addresses some of the key questions around eczema, starting with a short definition and discussion of its link to stress. The report also describes other triggers of the disease, such as humidity, temperature and potential skin irritants.

The article goes on to discuss a common misconception on the subject, explaining that although eczema is not contagious from person to person, some rarer strains can be transmitted. The article also mentions that the skin disorder is considered hereditary and can spread to different parts of the body.

The company’s Soap Squad report goes on to answer questions about how to recognize eczema and differentiate it from other skin disorders. He also expands on the subject by describing its links to food allergies, how certain sports can make the condition worse, and how sun exposure seems to improve it.

Later in the article, a reader learns that eczema cannot be completely eliminated, but improvements can be seen with the use of Naples Soap Company Eczema Soap. This has been specifically formulated to address the main issues of eczema sufferers and is gentle and irritant free. Containing key disease-fighting ingredients, the soap is included in the company’s Eczema Kit as part of a nine-part regimen to soothe and treat eczema.

With the latest announcement, Naples Soap Company continues to invest in providing informative skincare articles and innovative natural products to help manage and treat chronic conditions and improve the face and body.

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