Don’t Sleep On Body Oil For Soft, Smooth Skin

A few years ago, I was mindlessly walking through a health food store, just enjoying the air conditioning and mid-90s playlist, when a $10 bottle of jojoba oil caught my eye. . Without thinking too much, I bought it and started using it on my face and body after the shower.

Within a week, my skin looked noticeably happier. It felt hydrated and dewy, not dull and dry, and felt really soft to the touch. (Paige Yang, a licensed acupuncturist with a doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, said jojoba oil is the most similar to the oils our bodies naturally produce, making it compatible with most skin types. and able to work gently with your body to keep your skin hydrated.) I was so excited about finding my grocery store that I started researching other body oils.

Like most skincare, there are a million types of body oils and they vary in price and general use. While some (like jojoba) can be used on hair and nails in addition to your face and body, others are meant for your skin only. And unlike traditional lotions or moisturizers, which often contain other additives, body oils are concentrated. (It’s also very luxurious to slather on oil as part of your skincare routine.)

If you’re looking for a simple, minimalist and user-friendly addition to your skincare routine, it might be time to make the switch to body oil. Whether you’re a jojoba purist like me or looking for something with scents, shimmers, or even SPF, we’ve rounded up the most popular body oils to keep your skin hydrated.

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Cliganic Organic Jojoba Oil

As Yang said, jojoba oil mimics your body’s natural oil, making it ideal for skincare newbies or people who aren’t great at having a million products. It’s a natural oil, chemical free, and gentle enough to use anywhere.

Promising results: “I’ve ordered these about 4-5 times already and probably should get a BIG bottle. This oil is so good for the skin both as a moisturizer and to mix with essential oils for problem skin. I love it. also use as face oil and lip gloss!! It also works AMAZING to soften hair!!! Just got a new bottle and decided to use a little more on my child’s scalp than in the past. It detangled their hair right away and made it easier to separate the scalp. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve had an easy scalp parting. When I realized it made the hair parting easier of the first child I decided to test it in other parting areas on both girls hair to see if it really worked. IT DID! I think I will add a spray bottle lid to use as a moisturizer on not hair bone. Seriously, I’m thinking of another bottle just for hair because I want to have enough for hair and skin.” – Anthony Turner

Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

A true universal balm, pure argan oil from Moroccan Oil can be used to moisturize your face, skin, hair and nails. It contains high levels of vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants to make it a moisturizing yet non-greasy oil.

Promising review: “I have occasionally used another brand of argan oil which seemed fine to me. I have purchased Moroccan argan oil and have seen a major difference with this brand. There is no no comparison!I’ve incorporated this oil into my nighttime skincare regimen.I wake up and my skin is smoother, more radiant and very soft.To be honest, I’m lucky to have good genes for start and I have no wrinkles at 62, just very, very small crow’s feet. Good skin care has always been a priority. This product is a must have and I will continue to buy it! Even my tiny crow’s feet have diminished! I also use a pea-sized amount in my hair after styling. It tames flyaways, provides extra shine and leaves my hair feeling silky.” —Donna

everyday oil

As the name suggests, this universal all-purpose oil can be used all over your body, every day. It’s made from a blend of organic coconut, olive, argan, jojoba, and castor oils that easily absorb into your skin, leaving you looking dewy and fresh.

Promising results: “My absolute favorite oil. I have super sensitive skin and anything with ingredients that aren’t ‘pure’ or things I’m not even sure what they are gives me a rash or a irritation. This oil does none of that and the scent is fantastic. I want to put it on about five times a day. And the price is unbeatable for such high quality ingredients. I recommend it to everyone I know. — Claudia Hiebert

Athr Beauty Desert face and body illuminating oil

Shine and shine with Athr Beauty Desert Illuminating Face and Body Oils. Made from meadowfoam seed oil and conflict-free diamond dust, you can choose from gold (Desert Sun) or silver/pink (Desert Moon), adding a touch of shine that will suit any setting. skin types.

Promising results: “I bought this on a whim – the dewy hue of the desert moon just spoke to me. I can’t say enough good things about this oil. Filled with shimmering goodness!!! SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE!I only use a few drops at a time but can be added to anything.Moisturizer?Check.Foundation?Yes!Body lotion?Absolutely!Love the results.Oil is thick but mixed with another product, it spreads really effortlessly and the effect is subtle and beautiful. I’m totally in love. Looks like it’s going to last forever. — MichelleMath

Osea undaria seaweed body oil

With hints of lime and grapefruit, Osea undaria seaweed body oil is like summer in a jar, keeping your skin looking luminous and firm all year round. This oil is infused with undaria algae, so it’s rich and nourishing while helping skin stay soft.

Promising results: “I’m so glad I tried this. I purposely didn’t moisturize for a week just to try this. I used it after showering which normally dries my skin. It instantly revitalizes my skin. I don’t feel greasy. Absolutely in love and won’t need to look any further. The smell is so subtle yet so good.” — oooooooooo

Ellis Brooklyn Myth Scented Body Oil

If you already love Ellis Brooklyn’s Myth scent, you’ll be drooling over this super hydrating scented body oil. With squalane, rosehip oil and pumpkin seed oil, it’s a radiant, nourishing formula with warm, spicy notes of white musk, cassis, jasmine and white cedarwood.

Promising results: “It was an impulse buy online, and I’m so glad I bought it. It smells divine, I can’t help but smell my skin. It smells clean, and the oil is light and absorbs quickly.” —imavancitygirl

Cay Skin Isle Body Oil with SPF 30

Finally, a body oil that glows like sunscreen. This nutrient-rich body oil with sea moss and squalane also boasts an SPF of 30. Help your skin stay even and glowing while protecting you from the sun.

Promising results: “I have dark skin and I love it! It gives my skin a healthy glow, without looking glistening. I purchased this product after researching body oils with SPF. I’m glad I bought it and will buy it again. —StefMuk

L’Occitane Supple Skin Oil Almond

Keep your skin nourished and supple with this dream formula from L’Occitane. It is made primarily from almond oil and camelina oil, infusing your skin with omega 6 and omega 3. The oil has a sweet almond scent and promises to melt into your skin.

Promising results: “Total game changer. I LOVE this whole line of products! The smell is out of this world and it makes my skin so soft and hydrated. Using it in the summer helps me not burn in the sun and peel instead of tan right away. Hands down the best!” — lauranav812

Maude body and bath oil

Elevate your bath or give your body extra hydration with this gentle, fragrance-free formula from Maude. It contains a blend of jojoba, coconut, argan and castor oils, giving your skin a boost of vitamins B and E and omega 6 and 9.

Promising results: “I love this body oil, I love putting it all over my body every day, it doesn’t leave any sticky or oily residue, it leaves my skin super soft and hydrated all day long. I love put it on my tattoos and let it make some look fresh and the price is great a little goes a long way i love that it is fragrance free and an all natural clean product i love it highly recommend i will only use the body oil from now on” — lovelydre

Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Glow Body Oil

Treat your body to a floral glow with Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Glow Body Oil. Made with camellia flower oil, grapeseed oil, beta-carotene and jasmine sambac oil, it promotes hydration and elasticity and keeps you cool and moist.

Promising results: “Simply the best body oil ever! This oil absorbs quickly and smells divine! I’ve purchased it many times and it will continue to be a staple in my moisturizing routine.” – Crystal

La Mer The Renewal Body Oil-Balm

Silky smooth and soothing, La Mer Renewal Body Oil is a luxury item you’ll be glad you splurged on. It helps combat dryness, redness and dullness, giving your skin a radiant glow with La Mer’s signature scent.

Promising results: “Love this product! Keeps my KP away from my body; moisturizes the driest legs, feet and back; smells great and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Apply to damp skin after bath or shower and for even more hydration apply a body cream or lotion over it I don’t need to use it daily it’s a treat once a week now that I know to put some the body cream on it (sort of moisturizing mask for the whole body). Bravo La Mer!!” -momode