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When skin is congested and dull, a good face mask is always my go-to option for a brighter, refreshed complexion. However, it’s not always easy to find a face mask that does the job without stripping the skin – Especially for those looking for a face mask that exfoliates the skin – There are tons to choose from – But after testing many many face masks for oily skin that tends to break out in the long run, I always come back to the fan-favorite DMK Acu Mask Sulfur Skin Mask.

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What he does: According to the brand, “DMK Acu Masque is a home maintenance mask recommended for acne, congestion, blackheads, open pores, and dull or oily skin. Reactive skin will also benefit. It can be used by both men and women for bacterial, fungal or microbial problems”.

The price: $76.00 CAD

If you have oily or combination skin, you’ll probably like the instant and long-lasting effects. DMK Acu Mask leaves the skin, as it is gentle on the skin barrier — a rarity in sulfur masks — while treating problem skin.

DMK Acu Mask Review

I had very oily skin back then, and still today, during the summer season, my skin gets a bit unbalanced and oily if I don’t watch it. The first time I tried this sulfur face mask was a few years ago when I visited one of DMK Clinics in Sydney; I’ve been on and off since then (because I need to try different beauty products at the same time) But always come back to Acu Masque when blackheads and pimples start to appear.

How to use it?

After cleansing my skin with a gentle cleanser, I like to apply a generous amount of the sulfur skin mask to the areas that need it most, but you can also apply it all over my face if the skin is too oily or congested, then let it do its magic for about twenty minutes and rinse thoroughly.

If you are not used to sulfur or kaolin masks and have sensitive skin you may feel a slight tingling sensation – this is completely normal if the area is congested – you may also feel some tightening, but nothing to worry about because after a few minutes the fresh and shiny look is guaranteed.

If you have oily skin and tend to have congested skin, this is a great option to have on hand, as it not only helps minimize the appearance of large pores, but also helps keep blemishes away and eliminate dirt and excess oil without stripping the skin. It is actually gentle while refining skin texture in a flash. Plus, sensitive skin doesn’t have to worry.

You can get it at any DMK clinic. Check your nearest here

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