Discover the skincare line designed for people who travel (and don’t sleep)

Members-only Soho House doesn’t do anything that isn’t solid, and its new 10-piece genderless skincare line — it’s been available in-bedroom for a while and will roll out in full this week — doesn’t. no exception.

Created by a marriage of cosmetic chemists (they support real science) and the insight of Soho House members (there are 142,000 in the world and they like to travel, be busy, and sometimes not sleep that much), Soho Skin promotes itself as a “high skin energy collection that targets the energy center of the skin cell” to help improve skin texture, tone, elasticity, resilience and improve skin function.

While that might seem like a lofty bunch of goals, at a recent line introductory breakfast, the first person to greet me when I walked through the door was a cosmetics scientist – who then went into great detail during the presentation about all the connections between mitochondria, cellular energy, and a whole bunch of science terms I hadn’t heard since junior high science class.

He also went into great detail about all the ways a hectic lifestyle can wreak havoc on our skin (think: less glow, less “bounce” and just a little not at its best), which definitely struck a chord.

Conclusion: the products (cleansing cream, 24/7 treatment, replenishing serum, face cream, lip balm, eye cream, detoxifying mask, liquid exfoliator, night cream and shaving gel) asked for a lot of work. to be found, and the result is, in turn, a line of hard work.

My favorite: The 24/7 Treatment ($110) – aka “the disco nap serum” – a transformational treatment that uses exfoliating lactic acid and this hyaluronic acid relief moisturizer and works fast enough to give you that plump, rosy look. It also contains the exclusive Soho Skin Concentrate, the main factor of the range which consists of a combination of assets that improve cell activity and protect the microbiome, leaving the skin brighter, clearer and smoother.

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